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Thread: Live Feeds Monday 07/14

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    F1 - outside

    Amanda, Jee, Erika playing cards..I heard Je mentioning always discarding a card so I think it might be Rummy 500.

    There not very talkative

    Jee talking about putting down 3 of a kind and discarding. Definitely Rummy 500.

    OK, too boring. I'm going inside.

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    Jack & Dv

    J- she's denying she's with js. n confides in m she's with us. telling m to keep her ears open in case js lets something slip. you did a good job with the baby (WTF?)
    Dv- I'll tell M to keep her ears open too

    (I missed most of it, they must have been talking about Dn again)

    Cut to the kitchen.
    Theyre mopping something up, i think they spilled cranberry juice. Looks like Rob, Js... Dave, Jack.

    Jn walks in and ignores the drama. Wait now she notices. Asks what happened. Looks like the cran juice spilt all over the fridge.

    This reminds me of something in BB2 when the survivor hosueguests came in and Will told a story in the DR about how Gervis said a komodo dragon came and ripped up one of their chickens while they were on the island, and he said "Well one time, when we were all out in the pool, Ophelia got into the kitchen and ate bag of bread." It was kind of funny. But that has nothing to do with the cran-cleaning I'm STILL WATCHING. Boooring.

    Switching feeds.

    Doesnt look like much is happening anywhere. just cards out back and cleaning inside.

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    F4 - kitchen

    Dave, Robert, Jun

    Dv moving refrigerator...something spilled inside and he thinks it may have gone underneath. Jn and Dv giggling.

    R: What's that smell?
    D: singing Shake, Shake, Shake
    J: Stop singing
    D: I wasn't singing

    oops, ROplayer froze

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    Just walked in on the tail end of convo on the hammock between N and R. Talking about how N would not date Al outside of here....she's the kind of girl that needs 24/7 attention and needs makeup on all the time. She's a drama queen......hope someone else got the rest of this conversation.

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    Da in shower and Ju telling her basically to calm down..she's too jumpy and ready to jump down everyone's throat....told her to not turn into another Scott.

    Mi also in there and the three were pow wow'ing.

    Ju left, now Ro in there telling her to chill. Saying she's got nothing to worry about, let's just get rid of the 4, (not sure who the 4 are, but I'm sure Er is one), but saying she's got nothing to worry about with himself, Js, Jee, Ju, and not sure about Ali and Nat. Da said Mi is with us, and he said, oh yeah...of course.

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    Js and Ro talking in bathroom chairs...Ro saying girls so stressed out about it.

    Other people milling in and out so they aren't getting deep. I think Ro is waiting for shower. Mi is in there now.

    Da goes into toilet area as she forgot to put on lotion and shre's worried about cameras seeing. BB calls for her to put on microphone. She's got no where to put it.

    Ju and Ro talking about length of time sequestered.

    Mi commented from shower how it's weird no full length mirror.

    Ju saying he's stands on Dv bed to use as a full length mirror. Calling it the ghetto two way.

    Feed timed.

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    Dv in bathroom now...talking about cameras behind mirror and asking Mi for her towel...the one she just put on getting out of shower. He's just gonna follow her around.

    Ju saying he needs shower and he's not going to shave. "Should I grow a beard?"

    Dn: No. It won't work for you.

    BB calling for her mic again.

    Dn: Microphone ruins the outfit. That doesn't look good, it ruins it.

    Jn: How come you're going all cute. I'm all hee haw and you're all cute.

    Dn: You're cute.

    Ju: Is this cute? (asking Ro)

    Ro: Yeah. I like it.

    Dn asking Js for the pressed ham again while he's in the shower.

    Dn: He said he'd do it for you Jn. Ask him for it.

    Ro: Mi, what are you gonna where, are you gonna look cute?

    Dn: My face got good color today. My face got really good color.

    Ro: Yeah. You got one more day.

    Dn: I don't know if I can get much darker.

    Ro: What is that?

    Dn: A camera...it was just watching Js in shower.

    Dn primping in mirror

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    F2-M, Js, and Dn in LR on couch chatting. Js cant wait to see eachother when they get out of the house. Dn wants to see how they are being portrayed. Js says someones probably getting alot of airtime because they are scheming. M says not me.
    F3-N and Je sitting in the BY. Talking about how it's been a stressful game. Talking about how everyone is so shady.....N calls the house a big shade tree. Je worried about N because you know how women can be. Al is cutting R hair in the background.
    Je: I'm gullible I don't know what to believe.
    N: I couldn't tell you were from NY when you came in here.
    Je: In NY people wonder what someone wants from them if they say hi on the street. I wanna come outta here feeling like a respectable person. I'm just being me. That's why I'm not going over to E and them.
    N: I was telling them(points at someone) I wanna get to know people
    They are getting all buddy buddy....talking about how they could kick it.
    Je: to think this is only week 1......it's crazy...to think we are just talking but everyones looking at us like whats going on.....
    N: you cant just have a conversation
    Je: thats why im saying with the Al situation you have to be careful. and you know how girls can be.....they are all drama queens.
    Je gets up to go shoot some hoops and Js sits down to talk to N.
    N: cant wait to get out of here and get alot of butt.
    Js: I can see how last year they plan on one person and everysingle time it went the other way
    Js: those girls are starting to hate eachother....thats girls though....its funny listening to them talk about eachother
    N: I cant believe i missed out on the action this morning
    M came over to talk to them.
    M: I don't know anything that is going on. Everyone around me is so well informed and i'm like huh...what
    She is showing them the butterfly on her thong
    Js: M your gonna be beating guys off with a stick when you get outta here.

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    F3-BB gave the houseguests some stuff.....hula hoops and stuff to tye dye shirts and another deck of cards. Am and Al are in the BY talking about the shirts that BB gave them are baby tees. they are tiny. E and Al are hula hooping. They are doing it around their necks. E and Al are having fun. Camera guy is a perv zooming in on Al as she shakes it. Dv is trying the hoop. He is pretty good at it. E was too.

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    Erika and Roberts conversation

    Just so everyone here is clear. Erika did not go to Robert and talk about their relationship because she wanted to. She wants nothing to do with the guy. But After David came into the desert room this morning to goto bed(FINALLY) He filled Erika and Jack in on what He and Amanda were talking about all night. The conversation then went to talking about what they needed to do. Jack and David both told Erika she needed to get into robs head and find out what was going on over on the "Other Side". She told her he knew it would be difficult for her to do but for the game it was something that she needed to do now. David agreed with Jack and she said she would do it. So to make it clear... she was not talking to Robert because she wanted to, it is a part of their plan. Jack is NO Jerry, he actually good at this game.

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