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Thread: Screencaps Sunday 07/13

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    Jun & Ali doin' nails...gotta be pretty in case those model agencies call! LOL (yeah right).

    Robert w/Frappuccino chatting w/Jee...Jee in hot tub.

    Preparation for a drinking game....

    More drinking game pics....

    And still more drinking game pics...

    Justin opening the sparkling cider for the underaged amongst the group (Michelle, and Jun since she's not drinking), and David & Robert outside working out (not playing drinking game)...

    Drinking game in progress....Nate has been in diary room for about 30 minutes...he'll come back out to a bunch of drunkards....hehe.

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    Oh boy...a few photos from the drinking game....the gang went through a case of beer and a bottle of wine (cider for Michelle), and asked for more, but got shot down....guess who lost the drinking game? lol...stay tuned for more drunken antics sure to come....


    Ali was the drinking game loser...Michelle seems out of place with the "of age" crowd.




    Ali lost track of the game, and as a result, drank quite a bit over a 15 minute period (as you can see from caps).



    Michelle seems bothered that she can't get tanked with the rest, especially after all her college stories involve drinking (and getting arrested), and the alcohol is already setting in for Erika.

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    Is it me, or are this years BB HG's just not as interesting or charismatic as prior years? The one guy I actually liked this year has been booted, and the rest just strike me as weasels.

    Alison may be hot, but she's a hypocrite...

    Whatever, the caps are much appreciated

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    Smoking on the patio...the ashtray refers to something about "you're too young to die"


    This was the beginning of quite a game amongst the HGs...look through these and see if you can figure out what they were doing (answer at the end).



    They were attempting to pass a potato to each other in a circle by only using their chins and chest...game came out of drinking, of which they ran out....LOL.

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    Some of Justin & Ali (the ex's) in the bathroom after the potato swap game:



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    Meanwhile, Jigolo Nathan out on the hammock w/Dana...


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    Amanda may be making some ground on the nomination for eviction...hmmmm..


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    Frolic Time!!!!

    Last nights Hamster Games In The BB4 House :-)

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    All girls pile on the hammock...while a few of the men (Nate, Robert, Justin, David) gather on the patio to discuss which women have the best body parts...


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    Quote Originally Posted by harjon

    Last nights Hamster Games In The BB4 House :-)

    Shouldn't these be posted in screencaps? In fact, I got them also...


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