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Thread: Interesting Jealousy Note - Live Feed Comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGuy
    Now, Scott's gone, and after the eviction on Wednesday, the house will again have an odd # of HGs. I wonder if the producers had planned to do another pairing up competition, or do they now have to rethink everything with yet another odd # of HGs? IF they do pair up again, then the one person that chooses to sit out this time may have the edge by choosing an HoH that may be a part of their "alliance," thereby sealing another week in the house.

    I'm sure the producers thought of this since Scott's departure, but it'll be interesting.
    I think the most obvious person to sit out is of course Nate as he can't be HOH two weeks in a row.. hmm who would the little cherub pick ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    who would the little cherub pick ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntra
    One thing my mind keeps going back to... The first food challenge when they asked all the questions. One questions was: Are the any houseguests that are openly gay? The answer was no. Why would they use the word "openly"? That has really made me wonder. Even though JN was with JE, she sure can't seem to keep her hands off of the other female houseguests and stays hands off any of the guys.

    Any thoughts?
    I'm thinking Dana.
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