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Thread: So..who do you like...and who don't you?

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    Jughead Jones

    So..who do you like...and who don't you?

    Right now, it's still early, but I think first impressions do make a huge difference, so which ones have made a good impression on you?

    Here are my comments:

    DAVID: Kind of goofy, but seems like a barrel of laughs. I don't have much to rag on him about. Seems like he's a bit hung up on Michelle though, so I don't know if his mind will stay in focus.

    MICHELLE: I find it really hard to believe that she's only 19! She's not even legally able to drink yet! Oh well. She seems cute, but a wee bit, well...nieve.

    SCOTT: He's sort of turned me off since the first show. I realize that he's upset that his ex is in the house, but to whine about it every day is a bit too much.

    AMANDA: See Scott...just replace the him's with her's.

    JUSTIN: He's kind of a schemer...I can't really compare him to BB3's Josh, because he hasn't really done much yet, but be on the lookout!

    ALISON: I can't figure her out. Half the time, she wants Justin out of the house, and the other times, she's schmoozing it up with him. Maybe it's part of her strategy, but if that's the case, she's either an Academy award actress, or she's in denial of her feelings for him.

    JEE: I think he made a really big mistake using the Bed Pass, but who am I to stop someone from getting a good bed? Personally, he seems very quiet, and I don't think he's completely over his relationship with Jun. I don't really know about him.

    JUN: She seems a little superficial to me for some strange reason.

    ERIKA: She's actually one of my favourite houseguests right now. She seems the most real, even if her body is rumoured to be not. And, I like the fact that she's admitted that she's only in it to win the money. While it's nice to align with a couple of people, she seems to be playing for all the right reasons.

    ROBERT: He strikes me as the biggest moron in the world...and I'm talking about just the Bed Pass either.

    JACK: Too soon to tell...I can't decide whether I like him or not.

    NATHAN: Seems okay, albeit a little boring.

    DANA: Another one of my favourites...she's sassy, and she's not afraid to speak her mind.

    Those are my thoughts...yours?

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    DAVID: He seems to have a good plan for the game. I like his stradgy.

    MICHELLE: Hello? Do you even know what your doing? This isn't the set for "Legally Blonde." Dont you think your a little too young to hang around here?

    SCOTT: I have mixed feelings on Scott. He seems mature at times, but sometimes he's a little jerky.

    AMANDA: Shes nice, but she needs to get a grip on things. She doesnt think about the game, all she thinks is "I cant believe Scotts here." "Scotts an idiot." All she talks about is how she hates her ex.

    JUSTIN: Justins a cutie. He needs to learn how to do his hair better though. He seems funny, I dont see why Alison broke up with such a nice guy!

    ALISON: Shes too emotional. She seems like she can have a good time when shes not thinking about her boyfreind from home.

    JEE: Jee is... Jee is unexplainable.

    JUN: She can be bitchy, but she plays the game well. I think she will make it far in this game.

    ERIKA: Erika is gonna be my winner. (Maybe becuase she looks a little like Lisa... ) But she knows how to play. She should cover up a little and make everyone feel more secure about her instead of spend all the time thinking about the game though.

    ROBERT: Hes a jerk. Im sorry hes not the first to go.

    JACK: Ahh... Jack, our "Dad" figure. Hes nice to all the others, and he still hasnt made me mad at him yet.

    NATHAN: Nathans another favorite of mine. Hes charming!

    DANA: Im not sure what I think about Dana this early in the game.

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    FORT Regular angelic_one2002's Avatar
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    MICHELLE...has to go. Her little "i'll play sexy" with these guys may backfire. The ladies will catch on, and I dont think they will want her around. She's far too young and immature acting...wants attention in the worst way.
    "Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen." ~ Orhan Pamuk

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    So far, Eika is my favorite she doesn't seem to have any of the silly kiddy attributes a lot of the others have, also she doesn't seem to be mean. Jack is another favorite for the same reason I like Eika. I like Michelle too, even though she is a bit young and immature she doesn't seem like a conniving mean person. All the others I'll wait and hope a few of them grow up.

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    DAVID: I didn't like him at first, but he's growing on me. Being the clown of the house will definitely keep him in for awhile, and he seems good at it. I like his strategy, and I'd like for him to be around for awhile.

    MICHELLE: Um. Not sure if I like her. She's kind of annoying, but not as bad as some of 'em.

    SCOTT: He sucks. The first ep, I was willing to give him a chance but he gets more and more annoying. The snarkiness over Truth or Dare was annoying. The fact that Nathan's suddenly the devil for no good reason REALLY annoys me. And you think your ex is gonna take you back? HA! She's too good for him.

    AMANDA: I kinda like her. Seems like if you get Scottie out of the house, she'd be a good player.

    JUSTIN: Kinda creepy, I don't really like him, but I think it'll be awhile before he gets kicked out.

    ALISON: Stop. Crying. Oh my god, she's annoying. She's either being a total flirt or sobbing over how her boyfriend's going to hate her being in the house with her ex. STOP CRYING. If your boyfriend doesn't get that you didn't expect it, if he's a half-decent man he'll understand. Though it looks like she's got feelings for her ex still, so... hell, I hope her boyfriend dumps her for being so DAMN ANNOYING.

    JEE: I have no idea. The bed pass thing and some things he's done have annoyed me, but I'm not totally against him. He's neutal in my mind.

    JUN: I like 'er. She's a bit annoying, but seems like she wants to play the game and is willing to get rough.

    ERIKA: She wants to play the game. I like her. She seems like she could be fun down the line. Probably won't win the game, though.

    ROBERT: Creepy. Idiot. Just... kick him out. Now. Please. I really, really hate him.

    JACK: Aww, I like Jack. He seems cool. I feel bad for him being the only older guy in the house, but it looks like he's doing all right so far.

    NATHAN: Eh. Nice enough guy, hopefully he'll manage to get Scott kicked out to save his own hide in a week or two. If he finds out about Scott's sudden hatred and gets him evicted, I'll so love this guy.

    DANA: Probably my favorite. She's smart, wants to the play the game, and just seems like she's friendly enough to make some allies, but willing to backstab.

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    Hi all,I'm new here totally addicted to BB4..
    Dana:I think Dana could be a real threat as long as she doesn't lose her temper too much with the other guests.She hasn't alienated anyone yet and I like her chances.
    Nathan:Very cute,seems really friendly.Ihave 2 questions about Nathan though...why ,in the first episode,was he wearing sorority letters?does he have a girlfriend in Pi Phi?and me thinks there is something going on with him and Allison that goes beyond friendship....
    Jack:seems like a solid guy,could go far as long as he doesn't become a jerk like Kent or start lecturing the younger house guests
    Robert:at first he creeped me out(what in God's name was Erika thinking?)but I am starting to like him a little
    Erika:beautiful girl but she is intimidating and seems vaguely dissapproving of everyone in the house
    Jun:still on the fence with Jun...she is strong minded and speaks her mind,which could be a good thing or a badone......and I think she is being really mean to Jee
    Jee:I like Jee...but not sure if he will make it far,since the whole house seems to be up Jun's a**
    Allison:oh,Allison,where do I start.She is a crybaby...and I question her real feelings forher boyfriend..one minute she is wailing that he is going to be so hurt and the next she is laying in bed with Nathan and giving him a lap dance...she seems spoiled and immature
    Justin:He is breathtakingly hot and I adore him
    Amanda:she is so bland I can't think of anything to say about her
    Scott:I think he has sociopathic tendencies and plans to murder the other house guests
    Michelle:dumb,dumb,dumb....... ..and she has this constant bewildered look on her face that is starting to really irk me
    David:could go far if his sense of humor doesn't become annoying

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002
    MICHELLE...has to go. Her little "i'll play sexy" with these guys may backfire. The ladies will catch on, and I dont think they will want her around. She's far too young and immature acting...wants attention in the worst way.
    I don't understand why there is such a hate on for Michelle being sexy. I mean the dudes flex their muscles and prance around as flirts too, but they seem to be adored by the female watchers. Michelle, although a little subdued, looks sexy and chic in a bikini and is using her looks to her advantage. Why not, looks have always been part of the game. Hardy, Jason were prime examples of this. Jason admitting he was a virgin from the start got the woohoos all the way through from the females, and was a major flirt. Michelle says she's a virgin, looks hot in a bikini and gets slagged by the females in and out of the house. Double standard?

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    DAVID: he's alright, I don't think he is as funny as the HG's seem to.

    MICHELLE: cutie patootie

    SCOTT: Love Scott

    AMANDA: I'm not sure.

    JUSTIN: again, not sure.

    ALISON: I CAN'T STAND this one. (one of 3 I can't stan)... I have known too many "Alisons" in my day.

    JEE: Great guy, love Jee.. hope he gets to the top 3

    JUN: Number 2 of my CAN'T STAND list

    ERIKA: I like Erika, I think she is going to be a good player, I think she is an honest person.

    ROBERT: I think Robert is Ok... maybe just a bit naive.

    JACK: I don't know about Jack either.. seems to be playing the "under the radar" card.

    NATHAN: This boy is number ONE on my CAN'T STAND list.

    DANA: Seems to be ok, maybe a bit ditzy.. haven't formed a firm opinion yet.
    "The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you're playing by somebody else's rules, while quietly playing by your own."

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    My Take as of July 12, 2003

    DAVID: I like him, but he's already pissed off some of the HG's and I have no idea why.

    MICHELLE: Cute, not so naive. Giving the other girls a run for their money.

    SCOTT: He's a dork. Take the freakin' caps off, we know you have male pattern baldness!

    AMANDA: I like her. She got caught unawares with the nomination for eviction and with her ex being there. I hope she stays.

    JUSTIN: He sure wormed his way back into Alison's heart. He's okay though.

    ALISON: How do you say "Paine Royale" in English? What a drama queen. Shut up and leave!

    JEE: He's behaving well considering that Jun has been rude to him. I think he's smart and will stay in.

    JUN: For some reason, she's well liked -- for now.

    ERIKA: I don't think she will stay for long. She keeps to herself too much and doesn't join in.

    ROBERT: Robert creeps me out.

    JACK: He will be kept around for convenience as "Senior member" for a while but he won't make it to the end.

    NATHAN: Pretty boy but getting carried away with his HoH deal. It only lasts a week, Nate! The girls want him, so he'll be there for quite some time.

    DANA: Don't like her very much. Her voice alone is enough to make me say "SHUT UP! You're curdling my milk."
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    Well, I'm not very impressed with this group so far. I definitely feel that Jun and Jee should go. The sooner, the better.

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