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Thread: So..who do you like...and who don't you?

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    shoes? who needs shoes?? barefootdyke's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by bearwme1
    Well, I'm not very impressed with this group so far. I definitely feel that Jun and Jee should go. The sooner, the better.

    definately Jun

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    definately Jun


    but Jee......at first I wasn't sure if I liked him or not, but now I have decided that he is pretty genuine. About the bed choosing thing.....
    I think it was just a mistake that he made....he was thinking at the time about comfort and not about playing the game!

    ....as for the others....I'm just waiting for a good "fight" to happen....these kids are primed and ready to swing!

    ...after all, could YOU keep up a "happy face"

    and act as though you loved everyone OR would you, like many before, blow your stack!?!

    .....should prove to be an interesting summer!

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    It's hard to say this early. I always change my mind about people as the weeks go on in these shows... I didn't like "lip gloss Jamie" from the first BB at the beginning, but by the last few weeks I liked her and I was bothered by all the mean things people were saying about her!

    Anyway, at this point I'd have to say that David is my favorite and Robert is probably my least favorite. Alison, like everyone is saying, is driving me crazy with her drama act. I do like Justin tho. Nathan is ok, but I think he is currently on kind of an ego trip. We'll see what happens there...

    Jun cracks me up sometimes and other times she seems high maintenance like Alison. My opinion keeps wavering so far where Dana is concerned but I think I like her more than dislike her. I didn't like Jee at all at first (with the bed thing) but he is turning out to be a pretty nice and genuine (not to mention young) kind of guy.

    I don't have much of an opinion on Erika and Michelle yet.

    That's all I can contribute at the moment, but I guarantee my opinions will change after getting to know them better!
    "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key..." - The Eagles

    "I like the bed I'm sleepin' in, just like me it's broken in; it's not old... just older..." - Bon Jovi

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    I hate Alison.

    I kinda really like Amanda and David, though.

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    So far, it is too soon to tell. I am glad that there are no gay people but I think the contestant who got kicked out deserved it because I think you have to go through a background check.
    Even though I don't like federal agents like the FBI, DEA, or any agent that thinks they are above the law or better than thou like 'my badge is much more bigger than your badge'
    Jack seems cool and nice and I hope he dosen't turn into a jerk. I am glad that, being part-Vietnamese, there are two Asians on the show!

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    My most favorite houseguest is Michelle but I also like Dana, Jun, and Nathan.

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    Xantham Gum
    At this point in the game, I can only go on superficial first impressions pretty much but some qualities have shown through. I hate all the New Yorkers as usual because of their "hey we're Noo Yawkas and the rest o youse is not up to our standards" attitudes, even Scott who doesn't even live in NYC still has all the attitude (notice how once he felt threatened by Nathan from Oklahoma's superior attributes, all of a sudden he's calling him a "hick", expect similar comments about Jack from Alabama. There are a few I have some strong opinions on though:

    JACK seems to be the requisite old guy for the group, how come no old women (sorry, despite Jun's low class comment on her being on the way downhill, 33 year old Erika doesn't count in my book).

    JUN thinks she is hotter than she really is (I think the swimsuits brought that out even to her) but I think she scores points for not reinforcing sterotypes by being a dumb girl who is Asian American.

    DANA I don't like. More of the "tough girl" bravado all the time, but notice when Jee wants a bed and takes hers all of a sudden she's talking about him "not being a gentleman" to the poor little girl. Can't have it both ways honey, but I know you will try.

    JUSTIN seems like a congenial musclehead for now, we'll see if any 'roid rage rears it's head later on.

    JEE, seems likable, hope he doesn't get ostracized from the rest like Dat Phan on Last Comic Standing did.

    ERIKA looks like she could be a real bitch with not much provocation. But she seems smart and she and Michelle are the two I most enjoy looking at hotness-wise, so I hope she stays.

    MICHELLE, don't know, seems wide-eyed and clueless most of the time, could be a cover but probably the result of keeping her viginity.

    AMANDA, no opinion yet.

    ROBERT, for some reason I just don't like. Maybe the fact that I don't trust people without eyebrows, but mainly I still can't get over that a tool like him could get a hottie like Erika and STILL cheat on her!

    DAVID I like, even though I don't see what he does that is funny and I think if I were one of the women, I would think he was the cutest guy there over Nathan but I never could judge female tastes.

    NATHAN seems like a frat dude and he could be cast as the bad popular guy in school in any bad 80s movie, but I will have to wait and see if he is a jerk or not.

    SCOTT is second only to Mike Boogie as the most annoying wannabe white boy gangsta with all his put on "flava", it is funny to see him so jealous of the good looking guys like Nathan and David, (hey, doesn't anyone think I am 'gellinG' also?" and I agree about trying to cover the baldness with faux fashion, get used to it like Jack has, it happens to the best of us.

    ALISON reminds me of other types like her on other shows such as Beth on "The Real World, LA" or Cory on "The Real World, San Francisco", where she is not a dumb hot blonde but just a regular plain dumb blonde and just very emotional all the time and annoying with her neediness.

    Things could change over time, I hated Will on BB2 but was rooting for him to win by the end.
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    DAVID: He's a good guy and humor is always welcome in my book.

    MICHELLE: Wench, put some clothes on and get out.

    SCOTT: Worst.Male.Houseguest.Ever.

    AMANDA: I hope to see more of her. She seems genuinely nice, but she was never given a chance.

    JUSTIN: Nice guy, not the jerk I expected.

    ALISON: She need a good "You are the weakest link! Good bye!" ~Anne Robinson

    JEE: I dislike him. Period. I hope he's evicted Wednesday.

    JUN: I don't know what it is about her I like, but I like her.

    ERIKA: I really like Erika, but she seems to keep to herself too much.

    ROBERT: Hmm... I'm pretty much indifferent to him at this point.

    JACK: Great guy, I hope he goes far.

    NATHAN: His ego is too big for that house. I hope that gets him evicted quickly.

    DANA: She's honest in the DR. For that reason alone, I really like her.

    My favorites are David, Jack, and Erika. I hope one of them wins the half million.

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    Couple Comments

    "ALISON reminds me of other types like her on other shows such as Beth on "The Real World, LA" or Cory on "The Real World, San Francisco", where she is not a dumb hot blonde but just a regular plain dumb blonde and just very emotional all the time and annoying with her neediness."

    :crybaby No, no - Amaya - Real World Hawaii for sure!!

    "NATHAN seems like a frat dude and he could be cast as the bad popular guy in school in any bad 80s movie, but I will have to wait and see if he is a jerk or not."

    DAVID - annoyed me at first but find him cute and funny

    MICHELLE - thinks she's adorable and alittle more mature than we may think!

    AMANDA - not sure - don't want her to go home yet - anyone who annoys Scott is alright!!

    JEE - kinda bland but okay

    JUN - not sure about her - don't think she as hot as she thinks she is but don't know if I don't like her yet

    ERIKA - like her alot - reminds me of Lisa - liked her too

    JACK - love him, nice guy

    DANA - reminds me a little of Danielle - not sure if I like her yet

    JUSTIN - very nice guy, if you believed Allison - you would've thought he was a creep!

    ROBERT & SCOTT - OMG Please vote them off NOW!!!!! How a dog-face creep like Robert could even date someone like Erika is beyond me - then to cheat on her - miracle she didn't kill him in his sleep before now. No words for Scott, no words........................

    These opinions are subject to change with the progression on the game!

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    So far I like Erika but I also don't think she will last long cuz she keeps too much to herself and the other house guests are seeing that.
    I hate Scott and I think he got kicked off the show right? Good, he looked like a real a$$.
    I like Nathan and I can't blame him for his ego, all the girls are all over him and they keep telling him how hot he is, only normal for it to start getting to his head.

    I'm not fond of the exes and hope they are the first to leave or Jun too, I don't like her either.

    Just my thoughts...

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