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Thread: How did they achieve the X-factor?

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    How did they achieve the X-factor?

    I apologize in advance if this has been covered in another thread (I couldn't turn anything up in a search)...

    I was wondering if anyone knows how the producers set up the X-Factor so that both the original group and the ex's were unaware of what was going on?

    I mean, it would be easy to establish the original group, and then simply seek out their ex's and tell them about the X-Factor, but all indications are that the ex's were equally surprised to see their respective ex's...

    Are the applications so in depth that it asks you to list and name your last 5 partners? Were they tipped off some how? Does anyone know?



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    I think this is how it went... they went through the audition process blah blah blah, they picked 8 contestants 7 originally, and asked the contestant's ex's if they would be interested on going on BB, NOT knowing that there ex's would be there,

    I don't know about you but wouldn't it seem a little off if CBS called you asking if you'd like to be on BB?

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    I thought I already posted this, but... They find out who the peoples exs are, they go to there job/where they work, and they bring up the subject they work in the big brother area of CBS... or something like that

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    But as I just mentioned in another thread....we don't know which of the people were chosen first. One, more or all of the 5 that came in second could have been picked first therefore making the X in the original 8 the actual X. Does that make sense?

    Now that would be a twist if Julie divuled that maybe Allison and Jun were not originally chosen for the show, but they were in fact the exs -- but were just allowed to enter the house first.
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    Yeah, that would make a big difference. It seems (so far) to have put the exes at a huge disadvantage just by the way the producers made them enter after the other group formed an alliance. It might have been better to have two even groups

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    One of the reasons why this show isn't as diverse is because they chose houseguests whose exes were also available. Hence, the ex-factor. I don't know too many people who can leave their jobs/responsibilites for three months. The one older person the FBI guy is retired.

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    I have been wondering about this. Don't you think if BB approached you to apply for the show, after all the applications they receive, you would be a little suspicious why they came to YOU?

    It must have been a tough process on the producers! They probably had to have some kind of devious plan to get the exes to apply with a large group of others and make them think it was their own idea. They probably thought they were chosen to be a houseguest because they had some special quality - but noooooooooo... they had an EX!

    There were probably lots of people who applied for the show, with exes that had no interest in BB, and so they didn't get picked...

    I think they started with a big group of beautiful people with exes, somehow got the exes to apply for the show on their own, and the ones that matched up got in...

    I don't know, but this is a possibility... if anyone knows for sure, let us know!

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    I would have been very suspicious if they came after me.
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    I'd also have been suspicious, but most people... especially this group... seems to be so egomaniacal that they'd think someone gave them a recommendation.

    I don't think in a million years it would occur to me that my ex would be in the house. Especially if the casting directors ever MET one of my exes in particular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I would have been very suspicious if they came after me.
    Me too, but there were a couple houseguests last year (Lisa and Mike, I think) who hadn't applied but were approached by producers to be on the show. So if they knew that, coupled with a strong enough ego to believe that you are a star just waiting to be discovered, I can see how the exes may have been convinced.

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