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Thread: Big Brother 4 Fantasy League

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    Big Brother 4 Fantasy League

    the Big Brother 4 Fantasy League will "Officially" start about Noon Eastern Time (ET) on 7/8/03! But you can make your team now! Heres some of the FAQs:

    Q: What is the Fantasy League?

    A: Its a game you can play at http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother4/ !!!

    Q: How do you play?

    A: You make a team, (Chose your favorite people, or who you think will score the most points.) And try to get on the leaderboard!

    Q: How do you make a team?

    A: There will be a button that says "My team." Click on it and all the people will come up. Chose the four people you want on your team. (I chose by chosing my favorites and who I think will get me on the leaderboard!)

    Q: What is the leaderboard?

    A: The team with the most points will be shown on the leaderboard!

    Q: How do you score points?

    A: The following is from a list from rules in the Fantasy League:

    1.Head of Household: You score 20 points if one of your Fantasy HouseGuests wins the Head of Household competition.

    2.Nomination: You LOSE 10 points per HouseGuest if a member of your Fantasy Team is nominated for eviction.

    3.Eviction: You LOSE 15 points if a member of your Fantasy Team is evicted from the Big Brother House.

    4.Food Competition: You score 3 points if one of your HouseGuests wins a Food Competition. If more than one of your HouseGuests is on a team that wins the Food Competition, you score 3 points for each of them.

    5.Kisses: You score 4 points any time one of your HouseGuests kisses another HouseGuest on any part of their body. You score 4 points if one of your HouseGuests is the recipient of such a gesture.

    6.Subtitled: You score 5 points any time one of your HouseGuests' speech is subtitled. You score the points only once for a single conversation, regardless of duration.

    7.Crying: You score 7 points for each distinct time one of your HouseGuests cries, provided that actual tears are shed. No points are awarded if tears cannot be seen. If the same crying session is shown multiple times in an episode, only 7 points are awarded.

    8.Appears in a Towel: You score 5 points whenever one of your HouseGuests appears wearing a towel as a substitute for clothes. This includes, but is not limited to, a HouseGuest wrapping up after exiting the shower, pool or hot tub or a HouseGuest wrapping their hair in a towel. Points WILL NOT be awarded if a HouseGuest merely drapes a towel over their shoulder.

    9.Shoots a Basketball: You score 3 points every time one of your HouseGuests shoots a basketball towards the basketball hoop. Points are awarded for each time they shoot.

    10.Eats an Orange: You score 25 points if one of your Houseguests eats any part of a fresh orange. Points are awarded to any of the HouseGuests who eat the orange, so the orange can be shared. Points are only awarded to each HouseGuest once per scene, no matter how many oranges they eat. They can be awarded points for eating another orange if it occurs at another point in the episode.

    11.Plays a Game: You score 3 points any time one of your HouseGuests plays a game with another HouseGuest. Games include, cards, chess, backgammon, etc. Points are not awarded if they play around with the equipment from the game in a non-competitive way.

    12.Animals: You score 5 points any time one of your HouseGuests holds or feeds an animal. This applies to any animal that may be in the Big Brother house at any time.

    Q: If someone on my team is taken off the show, may I replace them?

    A: Yes.

    Q: What is "Trading" A house guest and how do I do it?

    A: Trading a house guest is just like switching. Click the trading button, then check off which team mate you want to change and with who.

    Q: Will I win anything?

    A: The grand prize would be a prop from the big brother show. 100 1st place prizes would be a Big Brother 4 Cap.

    if there are any other questions about the Fantasy League, just ask me!

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    Only, I dont get the thing about eating an orange. Why would you get points for that?

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    Do the Kirby! Healblade's Avatar
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    Why not?

    Maybe it's a reference to the poor citrus fruits that were in the Big Brother house the last night of Big Brother 1...

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    FORT Fogey
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    Which four contestants are in your guys' line up???


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    Hi, I'm new here.

    I picked:

    1. Dana
    2. Erika
    3. Nathan
    4. Scott

    I'm curious. Will anyone be keeping track of their points for fun tonight?

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    The orange thing seems weird to me too. That's a ton of points for something that sounds so stupid. But I picked:
    1. Nathan
    2. Alison
    3. Erika
    4. Dana

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    I picked:


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    My team includes:

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    For Your Entertainment lobeck's Avatar
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    Right now, I've got:

    1. Nathan
    2. Dana
    3. Jack
    4. Erika

    Of course, we can always make "trades" later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    Of course, we can always make "trades" later...

    Exactally. the "Scott" position switches often. I was going to do Jack, but looking at scoring, he might not do too well

    (But, what do I know? )

    I have Alison on mine becuase tears are deffinatly her trademark on this show. Whenever someones crying, she will be near them, or them is my prediction from this early in the show.

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