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Thread: 7/21 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/21 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by tapper01 View Post
    it is so obvious that BB rigged this week to ensure KKK Barbie goes home. How much length will they go to make it happen?
    I just watched (West) and I am curious as to the 'obvious rigging' of KKK Barbie? Can you explain what you mean? TY
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    Re: 7/21 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Kaitlin must go -- Jeremy "deserved" to be in there more than the others; the house "owes" her a few weeks because they evicted her boyfriend -- she's living in another house.

    LOVED that Judd shot down Amanda in the DR -- "Win your own HoH" -- YES! It's so hard to read him without his DR's!

    I think they were trying to make GM seem a little more endearing this week -- maybe they can only deal with one pariah at a time in their "narratives".

    I'd have big problems with the fro-yo challenge, being lactose intolerant. I'd have to chew a whole handful of dairy pills at the start. Also, I always get a little uncomfortable with these "gain as much weight" food comps. Maybe it's my Catholic school upbringing, I can't stop thinking of the worldwide hunger problem while watching scenes like that...

    Whichever food gets chosen for the Have-Nots, they're sure going to be nice and regular. I'm in the minority of people who doesn't like to punish the HNs even more with the bonus food, so I think I'm voting raisins and ramen.

    Elissa -- your sister's Vegas makeup is all wrong on you, Reno. Lose the fake eyelashes!

    Amanda is bugging me more and more with her pushiness. I can't stand it when people take their personal agendas and claim that it's the agenda of the whole house. At least be honest with your own alliance about these things...
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    Re: 7/21 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention last night while watching the show. Did anyone else notice the closed captioning that was added at least once when Judd was talking?
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    Re: 7/21 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    MFWalkoff---totally agree about Elissa's make up--especially the eyelashes---they look like she has spiders on her eyes!

    Amanda better win her own HoH....any more bossing people around and she'll be up on the block. But she is right...Spencer, Howard and Candice are now a 3 block--and Howard is the link. However Judd is also right--they aren't a problem for him, YET.

    Tapper, i also see no signs that things are being engineered to evict Aaryn. She's been really unpleasant to the people currently running the house and/or their friends. Why would they not target her? It's her own doing. If she can't win a veto that's her problem. And if she was dumb enough to let Jeremy make her HoH so she couldn't run the next time, that's also her problem. As it is, I think she has a decent chance of staying---Kaitlyn is seen as more of a threat. Sadly her sucking up seems to be working to some extent, since Jessie now wants to be her friend again. That talk with Judd was hilarious....blouse slipping down, she was practically unbuttoning her cleavage... So how do you think the game is being set up against her?

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