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Thread: Judd Daugherty - BB15 **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: Judd Daugherty - BB15 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    It's really strange to me how many people are on this forum knocking Judd.....I would think if you weren't his fan you'd just stay away!
    Anyway, I really hope that Judd gets fave if Jeremy can't have it. I do have to agree that Elissa made me sick with all the makeup and wishy washy alliances. Jeremy would also be my pick if Judd didn't get it but, for the wrong reasons I guess!
    Still can't get over the hate in here for Judd.....just because someone's dance career didn't make it past the strip mall, sounds like no talent to me.

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    Re: Judd Daugherty - BB15 **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Posters are allowed to hate away at any contestant they choose. They just can't hate on each other or call each other out as haters. Please watch that thin line.
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