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well, Dan has said he threw the final competition and he has said he didn't throw it. I still believe that he did throw it and wanted to make sure that it was Ian that voted her out. He did not want to do it himself and have that blood on his hands as well. I think it was just beginning to dawn on him that he had played his game too hard and dirty. If he had stopped the shenanigans at the final 4 quack pack and just let the game proceed as it might, he might just have won. And I don't believe that nonsense about his speech if evicting Dani. He wasn't going to evict her at all. He knew that Ian would. I was a fan of Dan's in the past and am no longer. Some of the tactic's that he used, the newbies should have picked up on long before the final. And, I was disappointed that Britney did not get America's pick. She so did deserve it. That being said, there is an argument for Frank getting it. I actually prefer him over Dan. (but I didn't see the feeds). I guess I have more sympathy for Dani than most here too. I wish that she had gotten 2nd place. Dan manipulated her into being so mean to Ian. She just got duped all around, but I wish her the best.
And that in a nutshell is why every year there are two BB games, with two different casts of characters You can watch the edited version AG feeds the TV viewers, or you can supplement with actual reality TV and watch the feeds. I'm not saying one is better, clearly both are entertaining But often you get a completely different view of a person watching the feeds. I've watched every season since season 2, but didn't get the feeds until season 10. I'm still in awe of the huge difference there was between TV's "sweet grandpa Jerry" and the potty-mouthed, pervy reality As for Dan's manipulation of Dani into being mean to Ian, it started that way....but it took on a life of it's own that was pure Dani. Ditto for Frank. I can see maybe where Frank would have gotten the AC by TV viewers...he was the underdog, always having to fight to get off the block, him against the whole house....America loves an underdog. But I think you'd be hard pressed to find many feedwatchers who would agree. Frank was...let's just say less than pleasant...in the house.