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Thread: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    The best thing tonight was seeing Janelle! Congratulations to Ian and Dan too! Bitter jury isn't any fun.
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by EllaMinnowPea View Post
    I don't think Ian said anything wrong tonight.

    He found out on live TV that Dan was going to stab him in the back if he won. I don't think Ian said anything that bad. He was upset but not mean
    Exactly! I would have been po'd as well! and very surprised .You win comps Dan,. not throw em
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Oh well, it's 25K, he'll have spent it on partying w/ Booger and strippers by the new year
    ...I can't wait until the first pictures come thru of some other being destroying the Mars Rover

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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    The attitude I saw from Ian is the same attitude I have seen all season. It was just more amplified.
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Great, great season in any case, and you all made it the best! Thank you.

    (Recovering, hoping to watch some of the interviews...)

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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Neecy44 View Post
    I so wish Ian would have behaved differently during his final speeches and his answers to questions from the jury. I really want to be happy for him, but he ruined it for me. I'm also hoping Frank eventually reads comments on the Internet so he can find out what America thinks about him from the live feed viewers.
    If I heard "destiny" just one more time.... so help me....! He had no idea about destiny! His speeches should've been destined to be stuffed in a sack!
    "My life gets less like chess and more like whack-a-mole every day."
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by sonii82 View Post
    i don't think dan could have even beat danielle....

    So i am actually glad that she wasn't in the f2 i would have hated to see her win anything...
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Shanielle is my new favorite BB showmance <3

    So, does Boogie get $100,000 since one of his people won?

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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Even with Ian's comment in the jury questioning, I was going to have no problem with either winning because they really did play the best game all season. Yes, BOTH had questionable plays and BOTH had some "mean, nasty" comments during the season, but in the end they kept in the game from the looks of things. Tomorrow may be another story but we'll see.

    Think about it - other seasons Ian would've been gone because people would've seen him as too cerebral or too weird/annoying that they wanted him gone.

    Dan was a winner already in the show.

    The jury was bitter yes, but you know what? - As Wil said, they need to take responsibility for their own actions for FALLING for Dan's actions. And when they see the show they'll see that Wil - who annoyed me at times, but was overall a decent enough guy - was RIGHT.

    The ONLY thing I'm pissed off at is that Frank somehow got fan favorite - there is NO WAY, even in the casual viewer like me way - he should've won. People like me saw those ugly things in him, just not the vulgarities.

    I mean - he was a bitter betty to the end, couldn't accept the fact the ONLY reason he was in there as long as he was is due to AG's decision to let the HOH nominations for eviction also reset when the coaches came in. He'd been GONE OUT THE DOOR TO ANTARTICA that week, at least a month earlier. (BTW, Grodner ended creating an air of favoritism even if this was the plan - which I'm skeptical of - because it necessitated TWO double evictions when one was only necessary).

    That was rigged to the top of Spindletop if it were on the top of Mount Everest.
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    Re: 9/19 FINALE Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    I'll concur with that. They were bitter, but they were far more bitter than I expected. I mentioned this a bit ago, but this was Survivor All-Stars levels of bitter. The kind where they honestly got pissed you didn't hand them the game, and you DARED to actually play it. A bunch of hypocrites daring to get on a high horse about lying when over all this was the most dishonest house in some time. I think Dan would have taken Danielle, and the real travesty would have been that Danielle would have won. They would have not voted for her, but against Dan. At least Ian got it and not her. But this jury should be ashamed. Not because of how they voted. Ian is all good. But their reasoning makes me sick.

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