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Thread: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoepie View Post
    Ian was in the shower and Dani and Dan were talking elsewhere. When BB said, Dan put your mic on it telegraphed to Ian that he and Dani were whispering.

    Dan's mic was on and they knew it.
    Oh......that helps. Thanks for explaining

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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Candybar View Post
    \They have not had the feel of good game play to them and have certainly not left me feeling like I would want him for a friend or even a neighbor.
    If we judged BB contestants as people based on their game moves, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want ANYONE in the history of the entire game as my neighbor.

    (except maybe BB3's Jason)

    (or Dan, since I'm pretty sure there'd be no criminal activity or rowdy kids, since our neighborhood would be protected by his Mist)
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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    I hope the conspiracy theory is not true. I would rather have Dani disappointed than Ian. Ian HAS TO win part 3!!!
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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot View Post
    I'll go pu on my tinfoil hat now, because I actually really like that conspiracy theory -- I mean, pretty much everything Dan's done in the second half of this season has seemed far-fetched to me, so I expect the abnormal as Dan's normal.
    I'm ready to join you in foil Lightfoot! Honestly, when I saw what happened and realized Dan really was wearing his mic, that was my first thought too....production was trying to out Dan/Dani to Ian. It doesn't take a master strategist like Dan (or a conspiracy theorist!) to see that much Though I'm not sure if it's because they want a Dan/Ian F2 or they simply want to guarantee Ian makes it Anyway, once you go with that, it's not a huge stretch to think that Dan realized this as well and would start misting production. After all, who else is left to mist? Besides, after the way he's played the game, he'd be a fool to trust someone else to take him to the end. And honestly, I do think he'd prefer to go there with Dani if given the choice. If nothing else, I'm sure he realizes Ian is far more likely to cast his jury vote based on strategy and game play than Dani.
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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Do you think Ian will hang onto Dan "making fun" of his stimming? He called him on it when they were waiting on Dani in order to bite into their burgers. Dan was wildly rocking in his chair with excitement and said he was stimming.
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    Re: 9/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    "Mom! I did it, I won $50,000!"

    Ian just kills me.
    Not yet, Ian, not yet! For him to say that implies he really believes Dan will take him if Dan wins HoH. I'm with the tinfoil hat brigade that believes Dan may be lying to production with these latest statements (and here I was getting happy, too, just like Ian!). I can't imagine Dan really thinks he's better off taking Ian over Dani. He wants us to vote Ian AC so he won't feel guilty if Ian isn't F2.

    Re Dan's jokes about stimming... I doubt Ian will hold onto that long...small potatoes in the scheme of things, although it is interesting to know that bothered him. He's pretty open and matter of fact about his issues,so I wouldn't have thought a little good hearted (so it seemed) teasing would bother him.

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