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Thread: 9/6 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/6 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Sigh of relief. BB is airing on time on the west coast. Now I get to see what you all enjoyed.

    Amended to almost on time. I have to suffer through a portion of Three Men or whatever it's called.

    I'm glad I set up the following hour to record as well.
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    Re: 9/6 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood View Post
    Joe's thinking Dan was Shane cracked me up. What a doofus.


    Hey Frank, welcome to Big Brother. Lots of people get stabbed in the back, it's the game. Remember Janelle? Oh yeah, that was different. You are the only one in the house that wanted this, right?
    Yes, this is the one thing that really irritates me about houseguests in particular - they're sore losers and seem to forget that lying and breaking promises are part of the game.

    Sheesh, Dan even said that Frank being on the block so many times yet getting off and that his vote was a RESPECT vote (and yes, voting out a tough contestant is a respect vote when you know they're a block to your winning the game).

    But Frank wanted to eat sour grapes pickled in 100-year-old egg brine. Even Mike was more gracious with his tip of the hat to Ian for his gameplay.

    And Frankly Frank - you should've been out at least three weeks ago. You got lucky when production decided to allow you to stay when they knew the coaches would vote for the reset (mostly because the three who did hit the buzzer probably thought Mike would - but he didn't, which is one scruple I'll give him even if he figured as I did).

    I liked the power of veto challenge tonight - a deceptively simple looking puzzle but it wasn't.
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