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Thread: 8/11 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 8/11 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Last night, Frank and Boogie were talking about how Shane was chubby as as child, and how maybe
    that affects his playing and social game. Frank called him "vanilla sauce", which Boogie loved.
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    Re: 8/11 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Vanilla is the perfect description of Shane. Good call from Frank on that one.

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    Re: 8/11 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by YO MUDA View Post
    Surely they can get better contestants than this. They have to be hurting their ratings.
    We bitch when they give us people like the ones from season 9 and we bitch when they give us people like they did this season..lol. But seriously..season 8 had a good mix. They were always doing fun things (beer pong, dressing up in women's clothing, etc) to entertain us. Of course there was Dick but he talked to us about his game strategy and what he thought might happen in the game. America's Player was a bit of a flop but it was funny as all get out watching Eric mock Dick, ignore Jessica and put mustard on Jen's shirt (although I thought mustard went too far....it stains). ,Season 10 was a good mix, too. Hell, even Rachel tried to keep things lively with her little game Big Booty...ha! This cast is dull as dust.
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    Why is Wil seen as such a threat? He can't win and he doesn't seem to be able to lead an alliance. I wish Danielle and Shane were on the block.

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