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Thread: 8/5 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 8/5 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Ugh! Reading through the last few pages and all I can say is....stupid hamsters At this point, go Boogie and Frank! As far as I'm concerned, if they are dumb enough to keep those two around and together, they deserve whatever comes their way.
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    Re: 8/5 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    After Janelle goes, things could backfire though. Now that I have totally accepted this turn of events I am looking forward to the drama and all the possibilities.

    It would be a hard sell but Danielle and Shane could be talked into voting the coaches out. They are in a terrible situation. No matter where they go they are the bottom 2 of any alliance. It will be interesting to see this light dawn on "Danielle the Great."
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    Re: 8/5 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyK View Post
    I'm again alone in being on Team Boogie on this one, aren't I.
    I'm with you JohnnyK. Can't believe how much I missed last night. If Frank goes, we lose an entertaining, decent guy. If Janelle goes we lose a fav from Seanson's past, Janelle BB 14 sleeps a lot and her mean girl act is a bit harsh. She's the Frank is smelly and gross flag bearer.

    I'm still backing Dan, Ian or Frank to win but Boogie's been sooo much better than in past seasons. Even if he thinks Dani is chubby
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