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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

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    8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Friday to noon Saturday, Big Brother time

    Howdy fellow feedsters! I'm glad to be here for another week to fill you in on all the waffling and round-and-round an what-if-scenario talk that permeates the Big Brother house from Friday to Saturday. Of course as we know, most of it doesn't even matter until after the outcome of the veto, and yet we still sit and listen to the circular game talk mixed in with Cheez-it crunching until we're banging our heads on the table. Speaking of Cheez-its, are they an official sponsor this year or what? They've been in every HOH basket, I don't remember ever seeing this so much. Not that I'm complaining, because I love me some Cheez-its. Especially the new Pepper Jack flavored ones. Oh yes. Unfortunately they seem to be Britney's favorite snack and she chomps them with gusto to the point that I want to personally yank her teeth out. But I digress.

    This recap brought you by… that’s right… Cheez-its

    When I turn on the computer to start my shift for the afternoon, I'm welcomed by a silent screen. I adjust my volume, but it turns out there are no audio problems. I've just happened to tune into one of those Awkward Outdoor Lockdowns where the tension is extreme. Everyone is crowded together on the patio except for Shane (chilling in the hammock), Frank (sprawled catty-wampus on the lounger) and Boogie (sulking by the pool). So the 3 alpha males of the house are anchoring down the far corners of the yard while everyone else sits in silence. Well hey, this is fun.

    I should have enjoyed it while I had the chance, because as soon as the inside opens up, it's on. And by "it" I mean the hours of trying to figure out who to nominate. While it appeared last night that the line on the nominees was Frank and Wil, we know it's never that easy.

    Ian is the first up to the HOH room. Well, not counting Britney who is Danielle's BFF these days. She's hunkered down in the bed next to Danielle with her hands dug into the Cheez-its. Ian feels a bit alienated downstairs, trying to figure out where the lines are, and would like to be a part of something. Danielle and Brit both feel that Ian is trustworthy. Dan joins the group and furthers the talk of a possible alliance between the 5 of them (the 4 in the room plus Shane). Ian seems on board for this, as he tells Dan he would rather be under his wing than Boogie's. Well duh.

    Next up is Ashley, who prances into the room surrounded by her rainbows and lollipops. Danielle asks for Ashley's assurance that she'll vote however Danielle wants, and Ashley pledges her 100% support. Take that for what you will, but I'm not buying it. Not if a coach and a newbie are on the block and Danielle wants the coach to stay. Ashley is firmly on the anti-coach train.

    ”OMG…. Look how his arm is touching my leg…. I better look in the mirror to see how this looks… how does it look? Do you think this means he likes me? I hope this means he likes me. Did you see him touching me? How did it look? Did it look like he likes me?”

    After the Ashley meeting, Dan and Danielle compare some notes. Dan wants to get a handshake from Ian to prove that Ian has officially defected from Team Boogie. They feel pretty good about the strength and trustworthiness of their new group of 5. Danielle is nervousing a bit, however, about nominating Wil. She's not sure what she should tell him and she's quite concerned about making him mad at her. It breaks her heart to have to put him up. Coach Dan instructs her to not have a heart in this game, just a big hole in your chest. He further advises her to use as few words at the nomination ceremony as possible. No need to blather on. Finally, a course of action is settled - Danielle is to tell Wil that she heard he threw her under the bus to Frank about her plan to evict him. The subject turns to Boogie, who Danielle believes wants to go home. Dan warns her not to fall for that - says Dr Will used the same trick. And with this, Dan utters the best line of the day: "Sorry Robin. You can't be Batman, as hard as you try." Get it, Dan!

    Back to business, Dan decides it's time to fill Shane in about the proposed alliance with Ian, to see if he would be on board with it. He goes downstairs to wake Shane up and send him on his merry way up into the tower where his princess awaits. (Hey, if CBS can manufacture a relationship, so can I). Brit, Shane, and Danielle have barely started to talk when Jenn pops in to listen to music. They assure her she's not interrupting anything (as they always say). Jenn leaves and Shane, Brit, Dan, and Danielle are finally able to discuss Ian. They all agree they think they can trust him and that he truly does want to play a clean game.

    Oh and by the way, if you're wondering what's up with Frank and Boogie, they've been spending their day pouting and whining and bitching and feeling sorry for themselves. They have no plans to go up to HOH to talk with Danielle. If she wants to talk to them, she'll have to come to them. Of course.

    Chilltown, bitter party of 2, your table is ready

    In the meantime, Wil decides to take his turn. It's just a lot of blah, blah blah, mixed in with Janelle bashing, and as soon as Wil leaves the room, all present declare he's a liar and cannot be trusted.

    It's time to summon Ian to share the good news that he's been admitted to the alliance, which proves to be difficult as Ian doesn't pick up on the proper signals. Dan is still insisting they must get a handshake from Ian, because he believes once they have Ian's word, he'll be solid. Britney is primarily looking forward to the off the wall alliance names Ian will present, along the lines of "The Mayonnaise Fountain." *chuckle.* I need to see more of this Britney.

    While Ian continues to float obliviously in the water outside, Joe takes the opportunity to have his HOH chat. Joe agrees that everything is awkward downstairs, but assures insecure Danielle that it's not because of her, it's because the coaches have entered the game and everyone is freaking. Joe reiterates that he owes Shane for his efforts to save him last week, and that Danielle is his favorite person in the house. Huh? Furthermore, he would be honored to have Dan on his side. (sidenote, Joe is leading the "get the coaches out" group).

    Outside, Frank and Boogie are lighting into Britney for her role in the blindside plan. Brit swears that as far as she and Shane knew, Joe was the one that was being evicted. Boogie and Frank aren't buying it. Frank does tell Britney that he found out the truth this morning about Wil, that Wil was playing him as well. Boogie's main concern was that he'll be portrayed on this week's episode as a f'ing joker on the show since he got played like a fool. And I have another moment of anger at Allison Grodner for ruining my much anticipated and highly desired Boogie Blindside. Arghs.

    Ian finally makes it up to HOH and he and Danielle have their handshake. When he leaves, Brit comes up to fill Danielle in on her beatdown from Frank and Boogie. And when I say "fill Danielle in" I mean "not really share everything that was said." Britney claims that Frank and Boogie hate Janelle the most, and she tries to sell Danielle on her personal agenda to nominate Janelle. Danielle insists that Frank must be the #1 target this week. The most important piece of information that Britney passes along is that Frank told her Joe was the one that spilled the beans about the blindside plan, and when he confronted Wil about it, he didn't get a solid answer.

    A little later in the afternoon, Brit and Janelle debate who the other nominee should be next to Frank, in order to assure that Frank goes. They feel that if Frank is evicted, Boogie will have no choice but to work with them. They head upstairs to tell Danielle that they need to backdoor Frank. Precious Cheez-its are spread on the table, along with a couple pieces of makeup, to illustrate why pawns must be nominated. Danielle is not on board with the pawning and she shuts them down quickly.

    What a waste of good Cheez-its! Oh wait, nevermnd, Danielle ate them anyway. Personally, I prefer when they do this with duckies

    Crunch time has arrived, and Dan comes up for some final counseling. He shoos Janelle and Britney from the room so he can see where Danielle's head is. Sadly for him, her head is not in a good place. She's terrified (understandably) that if she nominates Frank and Wil, that Boogie could win veto and save Frank, and then who will she nominate as a replacement. Dan goes on and on about how it's a game where you have to play the odds, and you can't win without gambling. "But gambling is stupid," declares Danielle. Oy. If you're scared of taking a risk, don't step foot in the Big Brother house. The other "fact" that Danielle is currently clinging to is that she suddenly trusts Wil. She actually utters a line to Dan about how Wil has been true to her this entire game. say WHAT? Danielle repeatedly asks Dan what to do, he tells her, then she argues with him. Then she tells him to just tell her who to nominate. Which is what he's been trying to do all day to no avail. So he turns it back on her and tells her it's her decision, which makes her whine and say no, you tell me. OMG, this girl. Production must finally be tired of all this too, and ready to get the ball rolling, we get trivia and assume Danielle has been summoned to begin the nomination process. Hallelujah.

    When we return, Boogie and Frank are sulking downstairs, and Wil is up in HOH with Danielle and Dan. He's been nominated, but he seems okay with it (or he's putting on a great act). He is hopeful they can all work together next week. Danielle has assured him he's not the target and they are hoping he can use this to show he's trustworthy. Wil leaves and Danielle turns to tears. Danielle tells Dan that what she didn't tell him before was that Wil had told her it was okay for her to put him up. Dan informs Danielle that he's discovered Ian's a rat, because Ian and Boogie were in the bedroom together following the ceremony. Dan thinks they need to be careful around Ian. He tosses out the possibility of bringing Janelle and Ashley into their alliance, instead of Ian, but Danielle immediately vetoes that idea.

    Downstairs, Boogie tells Frank that he hates everybody that walks by. Heh. Why don't you just DOR, grumpy old man.

    Britney joins Dan and Danielle in HOH and Dan shares his suspicions with Britney. Danielle asks Britney if everyone is mad at her downstairs. *sigh* Britney fills her in, including that Janelle is giddy because she's in the best seat in the house. Resentful, much? Britney says Ian might still be okay, because he told her he was going to try to make sure Boogie still trusted him so he could get information. Dan says he'll let them make their judgement. Shane joins them. Danielle now trusts Wil more than she trusts Ian. Britney objects to this because of all Wil's antics from last week, and she insists that Wil wants to get the coaches out.

    When Britney and Dan head down for dinner, Shane and Danielle confirm that they both trust Wil. Shane says he did hear Wil say he wants the coaches out, but they think he can focus on getting Janelle out and they can talk him into not going after Dan and Britney.

    ”OMG he loves me! He really really loves me! Did you see him hug me? How did it look? Did it look like he loves me? Was it like a hug that you’d give your friend or someone you liked? I think he likes me, do you? Does my butt look okay in these jeans?”

    And with that, it's family dinner time. And by family, I mean everyone except Frank and Boogie who have isolated themselves in the kicks room. And dinner time, for me, means it's time to mute the feeds because I can't take the eating noises. A quick check-in to the kicks room where Frank and Boogie are still sulking. They are angry with Danielle for not only having the nerve to lie to them, but to not apologize for it. Boogie, of all people, who told Ian recently that it's Big Brother and it's okay to bounce checks (translation, it's okay to go back on your word). Hypocrite, much? They do, however, feel that they can trust Shane and maybe work with him. Wait, what??

    Oh, and news flash, in case you didn't know, Danielle is practically a doctor already. The doctors sometimes asks what she thinks, and she writes prescriptions. When she finishes her masters, she'll be a nurse practitioner, which is the same thing as a doctor. Gee, I learn something new every day. Heh.

    Moving on. Janelle and Dan get an opportunity to touch base alone in the HOH room, where they discuss Boogie and whether or not they'll be able to get this coaches alliance rolling. Dan is amazed at how emotional Boogie is being about the situation, especially considering that they know each other outside of the house. Both of them can't believe how dependent Boogie is on Frank. They think that approaching Boogie from a "what would Dr Will do?" angle might be the way to go, to make him see that he's not playing this right. Janelle wants to swipe Boogie's "Where's Will?" t-shirt to wear during the POV competition. Hee hee. They decide that Dan just needs to pull Boogie aside for a one-on-one, so Dan does some recon and finally gets an opportunity to ask Boogie if they can chat later, just personal stuff, and Boogie agrees.

    A little while later, Dan and Boogie find the chance to meet in the storage room. Dan can't understand why Boogie is so mad - he says he thought Boogie understood he was just trying to keep him in the game. Boogie tells Dan he is pissed off because Dan lied to him. Dan explains that he thought they had planned on a coaches alliance and the only way to accomplish that was without Frank. Boogie claims he only wanted to play the game if Frank had already been evicted, and indicates that his biggest concern is that he's being made to look like a fool in front of America. Oh sure, cause being tricked in the Big Brother game is what's gonna make you look stupid, not the other stuff you've been up to outside the house for years. Anyway. Dan sprays more of his magic mist and speaks to Boogie about how much he wanted to work with him, and how he fought to keep Boogie from being nominated this week. Boogie is still not on board with the coaches alliance thing, unless they can include Frank in it. Dan tells him that most of the house seems to want Frank out. Boogie pouts a little more about he can barely stand being in the house when he's in power, so being at the bottom makes it truly miserable. Boogie informs Dan that he can in no way support a plan to evict Frank, and furthermore, should he win veto this week he'll use it on Frank. As a last ditch, he asks Dan if the coaches alliance can just help keep Frank safe for a little while, even if they don't include him in the alliance, and Dan says he'll consider it.

    After this chat, I pause for a moment and chuckle at the irony of a Chilltown resident crying about being lied to.

    Oh, Dan, don’t you know? Lying’s only accepted in this game when it’s Chilltown doing it.

    Outside at the hot tub, Wil, Joe, Jenn, and Ian discuss how they really need to stick together and get the coaches out. Wil is angry at his nomination, and says he only jumped off in the HOH competition because Danielle promised him safety. He thinks that Dan is making all of Danielle's decisions. Inside at this time, Boogie heads to the Kicks room to fill Frank in on his conversation with Dan.

    Upstairs in HOH, Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Janelle think through the week ahead, and the anti-coach group at the hot tub. They try to figure out who might be on their side, who's lying to them, who truly wants to come after the coaches, and blahblahblah. Janelle thinks she can trust Ashley, and Britney thinks she can trust Shane, but they realize the only way to keep themselves safe is to win HOH. The giggles start to set in as Janelle goes on a tirade about how stupid it is for them to band together to get the coaches out. They should realize that keeping a coach in to take to the final 2 would supposedly guarantee they would win, since they keep saying that the coaches are now only playing for the $50 2nd place prize.

    Britney and Dan head off to bed, leaving Danielle alone with Janelle. They do some serious Jedi training, and they both know their stuff. Danielle offers to let Janelle sleep upstairs with her but Janelle says that would arouse too much suspicion, so she heads downstairs and everyone is tucked in for the night.

    Wil and Boogie are the first ones up Saturday morning, and they seize the opportunity to talk alone. Boogie fuels the Janelle fire, telling Wil about how Janelle is pushing hard for a coaches alliance. Wil thinks that Janelle is part of the reason that he's on the block now, but tells Boogie that he's been told he's a pawn. Boogie makes it clear to Wil that he has no interest whatsoever in working with the coaches, and that he thinks it's absurd they believe he might. Boogie tells Wil he thinks he can work with him. Wil is concerned because Danielle said if Frank comes off the block, Boogie would be the replacement. Boogie says he thinks he could convince Dan to keep him off.

    In shocking news, Joe isn’t annoying me at the moment. I wonder why…

    The houseguests get their early Saturday wake-up call, as they must all give DR sessions, then pick players for the veto.

    Janelle requests a private chat with Wil so they head into the arcade. Wil assures her that he's not mad at her, he was just missing his family yesterday. Janelle says they should keep their team of 4 strong - they have a great team but for some reason they're falling apart. Wil says he doesn't trust Joe, and they're not sure about Ashley because she just floats around the house. I'm really needing to see a Wil diary room because I can't always tell who he's lying to at any given time. Come to think of it, I'm not sure he even knows. Wil doesn't hold any hard feelings for Danielle, because she's merely a sock puppet for Dan. Yet within 5 minutes he starts talking about how he can't trust her, etc. He asks Janelle if she thinks putting him up was Dan's decision or Danielle's, and Janelle says she thinks it was Danielle's choice.

    While Janelle and Wil chat, Boogie and Frank discuss their options. They think they can convince Danielle to backdoor Janelle this week, and Boogie thinks he might be able to work with Dan down the road, but not Janelle.

    Sorry Boogie. Dr Will’s not here to pull your strings this time around

    Wil gets called to the Diary Room, and Janelle goes upstairs to tell Danielle that she's asked Wil to pick her to play in the POV. When Wil returns, she tells him that Danielle said she wouldn't have a problem with Janelle saving Wil if she were to win veto. Wil and Janelle hug and do a happy dance.

    Boogie goes to talk to Danielle and start planting anti-Janelle seeds. Boogie says he woke up this morning in much better spirits than yesterday. He says he knows now that she and Dan were not involved in Wil's part of last week's blindside plan. She tells him she heard that he and Frank said yesterday that if she wanted to talk to them, she'd have to come to them. Boogie admits that's true, and says he was angry, and thought Dan had talked her into those nominations, and that since he key was pulled last he figures he's the replacement nom. She assures him that Dan advises her, but she's her own player and makes her own decisions. He tells her he appreciates Dan coming to talk to him last night. Danielle also says that even when they were sitting on the couches Thursday night before the vote that never happened, she didn't even know who she was voting for.

    Boogie attempts to one-up Dan's Mist by using jazz hands

    As soon as Boogie leaves, Dan heads up the stairs, and Danielle fills him on what Boogie said. Dan tells Danielle that Boogie told him yesterday he'd like them to work with him and Frank. They agree they'll have to just see what happens, but they're wary of trusting Boogie. Dan cautions Danielle that the only reason for Boogie's conversation this morning was to angle a way to make some sort of deal after seeing how the veto competition ends.

    While Danielle is debriefing Dan, Boogie is downstairs doing the same with Frank. He points out how he really worked the "oh I know you're making your own decisions" because he knows Danielle doesn't like being thought of as Dan's puppet. He rolls his eyes as he makes this statement. He feels like he made a lot of headway and they can keep chipping away at her to get Janelle put up as a replacement. Frank still believes this is all a load of bull because Dan was the one that wanted him nominated.

    Around 10 we go to trivia, and when we return, we learn that the 3 additional POV players selected were Shane, Ian, and Jenn. Danielle and Britney immediately head up to HOH and Danielle tells her about her talk with Boogie earlier and how he basically wanted to apologize. "I could tell he was being genuine," says Danielle. Oy. Ian comes in to confirm that he's in for their alliance. Britney wants to make sure he's not with Boogie anymore, and says Boogie will find out if Ian wins the veto and doesn't use it on Frank. They make sure Ian knows that they want the nominations to stay the same. Ian insists that he wants to be with them and will come up with an alliance name.

    Boogie sends Frank on a mission to talk with Danielle, so Britney and Ian head downstairs. Frank explains to Danielle that he was wanting an apology for her betrayal, but he's ready to put everything that happened in the past.

    Janelle pulls Wil aside for a few minutes to prepare for what the competition might be, and to assure Wil she doesn't think he's the target. Wil says he doesn't trust anything Danielle says.

    Dan joins Frank and Danielle upstairs. Frank says he needs to work with people who can get him far in the game, and he believes that Dan and Danielle are people he can work with. Dan asks him to name two people he couldn't work with, and Frank replies with Joe and Wil. The tone in the room has immediately changed, and it's pretty comical. When it was just Frank and Danielle, Frank was running the show. Now that Dan's entered, he's back to his old game of asking all the questions, gathering all the information, but not giving up much in return. When asked to name 5 people Frank would like to work with, he says Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Brit. He says he'd be willing to work with Janelle too but he doesn't think she would want to. Frank questions if Janelle would be a possible replacement nominee, and Dan says he doesn't know.

    Britney and Janelle come up, so the game talk screeches to a halt. The rest of my shift passes with idle chatter. And with that, we continue to wait for the POV Competition.

    Stay tuned as JavaJo will guide us through the rest of the weekend...

    thanks to JustJuls for the use of her cap!
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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    awesomely comprehensive. nice job putting all of that together...whew.

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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    The Danielle captions crack me up

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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    Great, great, great recap!!!! I love the caption on the picture where Shane may be touching Dani's leg!! Thanks so much!!!

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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    Hey, if CBS can manufacture a relationship, so can I
    No kidding! Great recap, Irish - I loved your captions.
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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: Cry Me a Booger

    I hate when the cops throw me in the back of the squad car ....like they didn’t hear me call shotgun.
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