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Thread: 7/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 7/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    I think Shane flirts with every girl there. That's his strategy
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    Re: 7/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    I was watching some of the late night/wee hours on flashback, and now it looks like Willie / Ashley / JoJo are leaning back towards voting out Kara this week. Rationale being - Janelle is just pushing to keep Kara cause she thinks Kara will keep Wil (her best player) safe.

    I'm putting the over/under on flops for the next 4 days at 6.
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    Re: 7/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    I'm thinking, watching last night in the HOH room, that Willie is mistakenly pulling away from his team, arguing
    that it's an individual game, not a team game. Okay, but now when you can have six people plus two coaches
    going in the same direction, why not do it? Ego, huh. His team spirit didn't last too long.

    He was willing to go along for now with getting Frank out but says Janelle is playing her own game. Well, sure,
    but still...Oops, now he's changing his mind again, I am reading above.
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    Re: 7/15 - BB14 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by maude~flanders View Post
    I wonder if Ian has mild Aspergers or something. He was admitting that he wasn't picking up on people's social cues. He said he has had a very hard time adjusting to the BB house environment.
    He told Ashley that his parents had him tested for Aspergers, but the tests were inconclusive.
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