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Thread: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg View Post
    i guess yall may have a point

    plus Ian's nerves may get the better of him


    yall think Dan will evict Ian if he wins pt3 ???
    Personally I think so, but I don't know that with certainty. I think he wants to throw this to Ian so he doesn't have to make the decision, but this comp is actually really hard to throw and hard to win. If Dan stumbled in to a win, I think he'll take Dani. I think he knows Dani is the far easier competitor to take, and that Ian would still find it within himself to vote for him over Danielle, but not sure Danielle would do the same if he cut her the same way he did Shane.

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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by andee View Post
    I like that all except your last sentence, malthus. I want Dan to win. :-D

    Ah, okay, if Ian wins, at least Dan is in the finale. No matter what the jury vote is,
    Dan made the season the entertaining, and at times, spine-tingling game that it was.

    I think Dan *worked* hard enough to win, ha. Boogie and Janelle and Britney too,
    I believe, said they all worked very hard this season, first as coaches.
    I want Dan to win also. I've been trying to wrap my mind around the thought that he may not though. Hate it because he has played, without a doubt, the best game of anyone in the house (x two) AND he did it without bad mouthing people (but he "lied" and made alliances, ooohhhh).

    That being said, I think Ian played the next best game (but it wasn't close). Seems like a good kid and Dan's already won and Ian could probably use the money (I remember him crying over the $3,000). So this way I won't be too disappointed if Dan doesn't win.

    Now if Dan takes Dani and somehow she wins - Good Lord!!!
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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

    Here is what Dani said about splitting the prize money at 1 hour 46 minutes into BBAD last night. It is forbidden in the rules.

    1hr 46 minutes into BBAD on Monday night

    Dan says If you won, would you retire?
    Dani says If I won? Well if I won I wouldn't I would definitely give it to somebody that helped me the whole way.

    Dan What?

    Dani You heard me. I've been trying to say the whole time. If I won I would (makes splitting motion with hands) Click noise with mouth

    Dan You can't say that. You can't talk about it either. Get the rule book I'll show you.

    Dani Whatever I'm not saying anything about that. So if I had the chance to help somebody like you helped me

    Dan Don't..(quickly) so helping people who have helped you in your life.

    Dani Why'd you ask me that?

    My strategy question is how can BB allow contestants to believe they have a strategy if this important of a rule break is over looked? I think this is important becqause Dan now has in thee back of his mind that Dani WOULD split the money with him.
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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

    I think Dan has the edge to win part 3. That said, TPTB have control over the questions and could certainly try to slant them to Ian if he is their choice to win. I hate the control they exert.

    I want Dan to win comp 3, take Dani and win this season.

    I do not think he will throw it. He wants to win and knows Dani should be F2.

    Now we just have to wait and see who wins the comp. I am glad I don't know for sure and excited. This will be a long day.

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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread


    Dan is yet again in a win/win situation

    damn, he's good


    they better give my dude Dan a Trophy tonite along with his cash winnings
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    Re: BB14 Strategy Discussion Thread

    I know we may not get to hear it tonight with the rushed show, but if Danielle has to go to the Jury, I would love to hear Julie interview her. It may have gone something like this:

    Julie: Can you explain to America why you used the Veto on Dan and put your boyfriend Shane in his place to utlimately be voted out?

    Danielle: Uhhhhhh. Because Dan told me to.

    Julie: Can you explain to America why you threw the 1st Comp to Dan which contributed to you being eliminated from the game?

    Danielle: Uhhhhhh. Because Dan told me to.

    Julie: If Dan told you to jump off a bridge......(sinicker snicker).......no, but really.....
    Can you explain to America why you lied about being a Kindergarten Teacher rather than a nurse? Are you saying Teachers are less smart?

    Danielle: Uhhhhhh. Duhhhhh. Uhhhhhh.

    Julie: Be honest now...remember America is listening.....Is Trey really your current boyfriend that you have (OR) would he tell us something different?

    Danielle: Uhhhhhh. I may need to consult with Dan on that one.

    Julie: Well, we just happen to have Trey in our studio audience tonight. Trey, would you mind standing up and filling us in on your relationship (or lack thereof)?

    (Camera sweeps to an irate Trey who begins to unleash a tirade about Danielle).
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