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Thread: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

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    9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    This thread is for discussion, questions, and all commentary regarding today's live feeds.

    Please only discuss what is happening on the feeds today. If you wish to discuss something from a previous day please use a more appropriate thread, e.g. the Strategy thread or any of the House Guests dedicated thread in the Live Feed forum.

    Please take any deep strategy conversations (where you're talking about what what people should do, whether something's a smart or dumb move, etc.) to the Strategy thread. Please use this thread for discussion of what's currently happening on the live feeds. You can find the Strategy thread here:

    BB13 Strategy Discussion Thread

    Please do not use this thread as a catch-all to discuss any and everything that has happened this season. There are specific threads opened for all kinds of BB discussion and comments. Thanks!
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    re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    Just want to again thank everyone here in the FORT for making this season as enjoyable as it could be. IMO, there were some really fun and exciting days in the house this year. BB may not have produced the best casting this year, and maybe it wasnt such a hot idea to mix Vets+Non-Vets, but the FORT made the best of it, and I really had a good time overall. THANKS TO EVERYONE here in the FORT for their contributions!!! Overall, it was blast. Heck, its fun to get mad at people in the house, and at least we had a lot of that going on this year.
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    re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    Hi feeders---want to thank you again for showing the rest of us what REALLY goes on, and to ask if there any live feeds today. What with Adam threatening to "unleash" something today it might actually be interesting.

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    re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    I think other than the last few days this season HAS been really interesting, yup, we may not have got what we wanted, we may be disappointed in the final 3, BUT, it has been interesting.

    I would also like to add my thanks to the live feeders for all their work this summer
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    re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    Thanks live feeders as usual for spoiling us non-live feeders with our obsession for the summer.
    I almost teared up when I read "The Last Day."

    On a side note, I found a list of "awards" on the entertainment weekly website and I found this one EXTREMELY worthy of its award: Reality TV Hottie Award: Veteran went to Jeff!!!

    See you all in the live show thread later tonight..... GOO RACHEL!!!!!
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    re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    Hey Fort Friends.....Just popped in on the last day of BB 13. All in all I have enjoyed this season but I have to say "without the Fort" it wouldn't of been near as much fun. Thanks to all the "Fort Vets" and "The Fort Newbies" for keeping the Fort the "BEST PLACE ON THE WEB" to discuss our summer addiction.

    See yall tonight for the Finale

    OH>>>>>Lights are still out in BB house....hamsters are resting fitfully!
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    Re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    The BB music plays and the FINALE slide they practiced putting up yesterday blocks the feeds. Whether this will be a permanent fixture today or not, keep checking back.
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    Re: 9/14 LIve Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    I have enjoyed reading the live feeds as well, and I want to thank all of you who have made my summer so interesting. Watching those feeds must have been brutal at times but you all hung in there! Just wanted y'all to know I appreciated your willingness to fall on the sword, as it were. I tried watching my daughter's feeds earlier in the season, but nothing ever seemed to happen on my watch. I can't believe it's the last day!
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    Re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    I have really enjoyed this season and the rollercoaster that it has been.. I just wish we had a better F3 and a better ending.. Oh welll can't be changed.. Thanks Dani for messing it up for everyone..
    I always enjoy the people here in fort the most every year.. This is the place I can come and talk all about all that is happening.. I don't think I would enjoy the show half as much without all of you... Thanks everyone..

    They are all finally up.. Rachel and Adam are alone outside.. He has not unleashed anything yet like he said he was going to.. In fact not even campaigning at all.. They are just talking about it being the last day..

    Porsche has now joined them again now and she is saying 9 hours and Rachel said Porsche stop I am so nervous.. They are all in good spirits...
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    Re: 9/14 Live Feed Discussion *THE LAST DAY*

    I spent more time in this section then any other section all season, so I too would like to thank the fort ladies who gave us play by play of the live feeds, thank you.
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