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Thread: 9/10 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 9/10 Live Feed Discussion

    Adam is such a dummy to say he will vote for the winner of HOH part 3. That person is the only person that could take him along, so why would they keep him rather than get his guaranteed vote on the jury? That makes no sense to me.
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    Re: 9/10 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by bearwme1 View Post
    Wow! I'd forgotten this. It seemed that people really wanted to win back then and were willing to fight for everything. Most of the endurance competitions seemed to take several hours because people weren't willing to give up so easily. 8 hours! Incredible. This season people gave up quickly and yet saw themselves as hero's.
    Yup. I work on Thursdays and all season I thought I would be able to get off work and still see some of the endurance comps going on...(I get off at 8:30 BB Time...they typically start at 7:00) Nope. They have all been over before I left. Pretty lame. Also note....none of the endurance comps were won by a newbie.
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    Re: 9/10 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by sonii82 View Post
    Lets hope... I think if it is a Pors/Rac F2 I think Dani and Adam are going to be the swing votes.. And Actually I think Adam will be who decides the winner...

    I think Dani will go back on what she said about voting for the player and vote personally and stick it to Rachel for that goodbye message and tell her she said she didn't want her vote so she didn't get it...So Adam as has been the case in almost every vote lately will be the swing vote and will get the final say of the season..
    If Rachel said that in her goodbye message then I would grant her wish. It would be great if that vote is the one that costs Rachel the game. Then perhaps she would learn not to burn bridges. She did not have to be nasty in her goodbye message. She could have said something funny like no one comes between me and my man (like she always says) and left it at that. Dani probably would have laughed that off the way Jordan always did.

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