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  • Adam

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Thread: Who should they evict this week?

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    Re: Who should Jordan & Rachel evict this week?

    Quote Originally Posted by lilcountriegal View Post
    I dont know if Dick's win was so much people voting FOR him or voting AGAINST Dani. I really think depending on who makes it to F2 here, the vote could lean that way again, not FOR someone to win, but AGAINST someone who shouldnt win.

    (does that make sense? lol)
    Oh I agree, the jury friggin' hated Dani more. Dick may have been...well Dick, but at least he was open and in your face about it. Dani was just as bad, but behind your back.

    The only time I can think of where the jury really voted based on game play was season 10. Michelle and Ollie both hated Dan, but voted for him. Jerry was friends with Memphis, voted for Dan. The thing is, Shelly does not have the natural charisma that Dan had, nor the challenge winning ability. Jordan is a bigger threat. Shelly's game really fell apart this last week.

    I say toss Adam. I like him more, but he might be able to beat Jordan or Rachel. Shelly will only win a challenge if they announce a "Smoke 100 cigarettes in five minutes" challenge.
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    Re: Who should they evict this week?

    I want Shelly to go. She will be tortured in the jury house, and that makes me happy
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    Re: Who should they evict this week?

    If J/R evict Shelly and keep Adam tonight, I hope Adam then turns around and wins the whole damn shooting match.

    I think I'll make Rachel a T-shirt ~~~ FLOATERS RULE !!!
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