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Just wanted to give special THANKS to JustJuls + MFWalkoff for filling us in on the brunt of the activities late last night. I was dozing off and mostly incoherant, but that party woke me up for a little bit.

I have to give Rachel some props. She is a really good sport when it comes to group related activities like the bachelor/bachelorette party. Brendon + Rachel were laughing + hollering along, and generally had a really good time with it. It was also nice of the other houseguests to throw them that party. Of course, Porche jumped at the chance to show off her body. Adam was also great, although not nearly as eye appealing. And Lawon (unsung hero) choreographed the whole thing for them.

It's nice to see them all have a good time for a change. Maybe now, BB will give the HGs more group activity stuff, like the Tie-Dye T-shirts (remember Lydia hogging all the dye + shirts), Group Games, etc. It helps the HGs get less bored, and also makes it fun for us viewers. Maybe that party last night will start a trend where they begin to do more of this type of thing. I'm ready for a game of Tippy-Cup or something tonight.
I remember when Lydia kept trying to tell everyone how to do it, and she was telling Jeff he was doing his the wrong way, and he said "you're not the boss of tie-dye land!"