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Thread: 7/27 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaJo View Post
    Ok...I'm completely disgusted by Kalia peeing in the hot tub. Gross. I know the girl is lazy, but too lazy to get out and go to the bathroom? If she's that lazy, I'd hate to see what her house looks like.

    OK, so I am reading back on this thread to get updated on the goings on in the House.

    This is absolutely DISGUSTING. She can leave now and should. Lazy lazy lazy going from someone that complained about hair.......give me a freaking break. "Kahlia, you are GROSS"!!!!

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Discussion

    Juls, I caught that sweet "love" moment between J and J, nice!

    Dani does seem to have forgotten that her dad was doing most of the heaving lifting
    in the game, not her. He is not happy with her game play, according to his tweets.
    He is also complaining about how she talks about him.

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by JustJuls View Post
    I think its pretty well known that BB does some shady stuff. A lot of BB alumni truly believe that not all the names are in the bag.
    I even wonder about stuff like the answers to last weeks questions... how do we know if America REALLY voted that they would rather see Daniel in a bikini? Those answers could be decided upon by production on the spur of the moment in order to manipulate the contest. I have never heard them say something like, "Votes tallied by the accounting firm of ..."
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