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Thread: 7/14 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/14 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Poor Jordan---first dissed by Dick, then by Julie. And I, too, wonder if Jeff and Brendan could actually have beaten her. But it does make sense to save the guys for the future, when it may be a more physical challenge.
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    Re: 7/14 Show Discussion **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Hello Everybody, sorry I am late this year in posting for BB13, but I have been watching regularly each night in BBAD. The 7/14 show was pretty good, except I really wanted somebody from the NEWBIES to win HOH. It seems so unfair this year what BB is doing, and it seems the Veterans have an unfair advantage over the NEWBIES. When they gave Daniel a "free-ride" because Dick left, that was the first injustice. There is no way that Daniel should have been given that free-ride ticket for the 4 weeks. They should have had an alternate ready to go (OR) unfortunately remove her from the game, but the free-ride gives an unfair advantage to the VETERANS since they have teamed up together.

    I also cannot believe that some of the NEWBIES voted to keep Porche last night. They shot themselves in the foot, since now they are going to be picked off one-by-one. If any NEWBIES think for one minute that the VETERANS are going to keep them in the long run, they are sadly mistaken.

    I have already found a few people that I want out of the house, and I am leaning toward a couple people I am rooting for. I would like to see either Shelly or Adam win at this point, but subject to change my mind. Basically, any NEWBIE I would like to see win since it is so unfair to me how this is being run this year.

    Oh well.....still fun to watch, except the RACHEL VS BRANDON fights. OMG....last night was incredible on BBAD. They need to NOT get married. Please listen Rachel + Brandon.....this will not work out for you. You guys are just too immature. Especially Brandon. Just like a high school controlling child. OMG....it made me sick to watch them last night. The "death stares" from Rachel were hilarious. I took Rachel's side during the fight last night. She finally called him out on being so controlling, and I was screaming at my TV + screaming at them just like last year.


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