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Thread: 9/12 Show Thread **Live Feed Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/12 Show Thread **Live Feed Spoilers**

    I may have missed the discussion on this, but who will get the favorite houseguest money, do you think? Have you all voted?

    Tonight's clipshow was pretty useless, except for the zingbot I guess. I could have done w/o Rachel's grating personality again.

    Another question for you live-feeders - I know there have been things said/done which have made everyone dislike Ragan and Brittany - anyone care to share some? I love getting the inside info - I remember hearing the awful things said by ...the old guy(can't remember his name right now. Real old. Military guy. Stayed too long.) and I was shocked. I think I read here Ragan said something about infecting children w/AIDS infected needles? What else makes them sound like awful people? thanks!

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    Re: 9/12 Show Thread **Live Feed Spoilers**

    Hi, NB,
    Here's a thread in this forum polling and discussing who will get the fan favorite:

    As far as Ragan and Brit, they've gone to new lows for people on the show, imo, when they tear down people's
    looks on a regular basis, along with their characters. I can't give you specifics other than what you saw in
    the clip show between Rachel and Ragan but you might want to look back in these feeds on different days for
    stuff. Both of them bashed Rachel continuously, not that she didn't deserve a bit of it. They did the same
    to Brendon.

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