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Thread: BB 12 Strategy Discussion Thread

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    Re: BB 12 Strategy Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by sismith;4060707;
    Which is exactly why I voted for Brendon to win the 25k. Matt doesn't really bother me because one of the reasons he is in the jury house was the lie about his wife. They can say what they want about the reason, but there were conversations between the other 3 where they expressed concern that Matt would win because of the sympathy vote. He hurt his own game. Brendon made the mistake of falling for Rachel, but when she was gone he did a good job. He had no real friends in the house and had to fight the whole house to get as far as he did. Plus everyone in the house made fun of him. I want to show all those people that America liked Brendon one heck of alot more that we liked them.
    Well, some of America liked him. And a lot of those people like to vote in polls more than fans of other housemates.

    Personally, although he lasted longer than we expected him to, a lot of that had to do with the other HGs' stupidity rather than his determination. I don't give him as much credit as others, because his lack of personality hindered his social game all season long. I just know I wouldn't last too long in the same room as him, so I can understand how the other HGs ended up reacting so extremely to him. That's why I wouldn't vote for him -- the poll is America's Favorite, not "America Shows the Other HGs That They Are Big Meanies".
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