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Thread: State of Play - BB18

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    State of Play - BB18

    (Note to TV show-only viewers: This may contain spoilers)

    Current State of Play: Final 3

    Final HOH:

    Winner Part 1: Paul

    Winner Part 2: Nicole

    Winner Part 3: Paul

    Final Evictee: James


    Order of Evictions:

    Victor - Won Battle Back comp & Returning Juror comp

    Da'Vonne (voted for Nicole)
    Zakiyah (Nicole)
    Bridgette (Paul)
    Paulie (Nicole)
    Michelle (Paul)
    Natalie (Nicole)
    Victor (Paul)
    Corey (Nicole)
    James (Paul)

    RUNNER-UP: Paul
    WINNER: Nicole (5-4)



    Corey - $5,000 Bribe Money (Care Package #5)
    Corey, Glenn, Nicole, Tiffany (Freakazoid) - $2500 each
    James - Veto 2 Eviction Votes (Care Package #2)
    James - $5,000
    Michelle - Co-HoH powers for a week (Care Package #4)
    Natalie - Never-Not Pass (Care Package #1)
    Nicole - Super Safety for one week (Care Package #3)
    Nicole - Trip for 2 anywhere is the U.S.
    Victor - Tech Pack of electronic devices
    Victor - $5,000 bribe from Corey to evict Michelle

    Victor - $25,000 - America's Favorite Houseguest
    Paul - $50,0000 - Season 18 Runner-up
    Nicole = $500,000 - Season 18 Winner



    Bridgette, Frank, Michelle, Paulie (Category 4) - Wear nude "pixelated" costumes for a week (Mysteryland)
    Corey - Wear the Patriotard for a week
    Nicole - Wear the Super Safety suit for a week (part of Care Package #3)
    Paul - Go through the "Secret Service Checkpoints" when told for a week
    Paulie - Bake apple pies whenever told for the rest of the summer


    Teams and Roadkill ended Week 4
    Round Trip Ticket ended Week 8
    America's Care Packages ended Week 10


    BB18 Production Schedule:

    Thursday: Live Eviction, HoH Competition (6-7pm BBT)
    Friday: Nominations (late afternoon/evening)
    Saturday: Power of Veto Competition (afternoon)
    Sunday: nothing
    Monday: POV Ceremony
    Tuesday: nothing
    Wednesday: nothing

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