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Thread: 8/19 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 8/19 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by iguanachocolate;3170302;
    i think Dan is playing into their "he's america's Player" conspiracy theories. maybe 'pirates' is his idea of 'i'd do that for a dollar' that Eric had to get them to say last year.

    Now, everytime i see it or read it (that phrase).. I can't help but think of April and Ollie..
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    Re: 8/19 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by jennyp220;3169960;
    I agree Jerry has some issues in the house, but he is really no worse than anyone else in there. He is trying to find ways to be admired, like when he thinks he is standing up for a viewpoint he thinks his alliance (pseudo-alliance) stands for to earn their trust and respect sometimes and he also has a lot of displaced insecurity, loneliness and anxiety that has no outlet because no one talks to him. (I know, he earned his silent treatment with his attitude/outbursts/habits/comments, but I still remember people talking to Evil Dick and Amber and Natalie and they were all disgusting). I really do not care who wins this season but I feel for Jerry because he does try to talk to people and while he does not do that well, at least he keeps trying. It breaks my heart. Like Zach did, I really hated how he was treated.
    That analysis is spot on. I don't feel sorry for Jerry per se, but he is proof that wisdom doesn't always come with age. His need for validation and his insecurity are transparent. I think he's so threatened by Dan and Memphis because they are the type of men he wants to be.

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