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Thread: 8/16 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 8/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Ugh! The forum ate my post! Gonna try to remember what I said!

    I was about to go to bed - but just had to check YouTube and see if anything was added.

    OMG! They have me laughing so hard - I'll never get to sleep now!

    This has to be some of the funniest moments! If you want to look at what you missed - check these out:
    1 - BB10 Renny's NEW impressions of the Houseguests! Part 1
    2 - BB10 Renny's NEW impressions of the Houseguests! Part 2
    3 - slumber party in keesha's rm 2:36am sun
    4 - slumber party continues 2:44am sun

    For some strategy talk - check this out (the first one is part 1 of 2 - not labelled that way though ):
    1 - damn fish 1:13am
    2 - pt 2 of dan and memphis 1:21am sunday

    And for some crazy stuff - watch this!
    1 - (updated 6p) Ollie, Michelle insist something HUGE will happen 4:52p
    2 - OH MY GOD 11:41p

    Watching these - made me - want the Live Feeds - like about 2%! Then the fish cut in and I realize how frustrated those that have the live feeds got!

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    Re: 8/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Thanks for posting those Dawne.

    Keesha's laugh makes watching it almost unbearable. I'll bet she would describe her laugh as "tinkling" it sounds more like braying to me.
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    Re: 8/16 Live Feed Discussion

    ok, so i am now watching bbad on dvr and i am so sick and tired of these hamsters and the mob mentality against Libra

    i am in no way a Libra defender, but damn

    it's one thing to not like her personality, etc... but they keep bringing up all this b.s. about Jesse/Steven

    it seems to me that if Libra had all this power/mind-control then that just speaks volumes of how weak minded and idiotic the other hamsters are

    it also appears to me that the very thing(s) that Libra is constantly being branded with, MICHELLE IS guilty of

    IMO, she has been the one instigating & puppeting & passing judgment on every damn thing... (and acting an ass i between...)

    and i am astonished how Renny/Ape/etc has gravitated to that hideous big haired beast and have basically gave her 'control' when she's not even the one with power


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    Re: 8/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Dawne, thanks for the links!
    I especially love Renny's impressions, even if they are just of how each HG walks through the kitchen in the a.m.

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