What I viewed last night but didn't transcribe. (I was having too much fun watching.)

Standout moments:

None of the kids had heard of Ella Fitzgerald.

Dan went into labor pains

Rennie got a SWEAR out of Michelle that she wouldn't put her up next week.

I sort of apologize for not transcribing, but it was so much fun just to hang with the hamster last night. I tuned in a little before Rennie got her key and was glad I hadn't missed her grand opening as I had others. Rennie gets called to DR. A bit later she is bolting from the door and screaming, "Come see my HOH room!" All the hamsters scurry upwards to the sanctum. The door won't open. Wait. Wait. Finally! And Renny (tissue in hand) begins to weep before it is halfway open. She had been hoping to see a picture of her mother as she opened the door, and lo and behold, there it was. She made a bee-line for it and was so emotional the other hamsters (except Michelle and April) hung back in the hallway to give her space.

Tears in check, she invites the others in so she can introduce her family. There is much to do over her parents, her daughter's wedding portrait with Renny and her son and husband. After much milling around, all leave except Michelle. Renny discovered two bottles of wine in her basket - one red and one white - and opens the white to start. Since she is now HOH, she can eat and opens chip bags and munches away like there is no tomorrow. Michelle cannot eat until midnight since her reign has ended and sits graciously while Renny begins to over indulge.

Renny is beginning to slur her words by the time she begins to talk strategy with Michelle. She sloppily kisses a** up oneside and down the other. She tells her that from seeing her parents' photos last week, she knew Michelle was all right and she would take her to final two. AND, she would want Michelle to win the money. Michelle sits and listens with a vacuous smile on her face and only interupts occasionally.

After Michelle leaves, BB declares EVERYONE OUTSIDE FOR A LOCKDOWN. Those not already there, wander out - Renny carries out a bottle of red wine, which she uncorks on top of the outdoor refrig, and after apologizing for drinking in front of the others, proceeds to pour herself a glass. The lockdown isn't of very long duration and HOUSEGUESTS ARE INVITED INSIDE, which really makes them shake their heads...mainly because the slider is still down. Well...when the slider is half-way up, April spies beautifully wrapped boxes sitting on the round table. She squeals...as any normal woman would. Her designer clothes prize had arrived. To make a long opening process short (to spare Keesha's intermitent pangs of longing) I remember she received two pairs of Coach shoes, a pair of leather boots, a soft leather fitted jacket, a garbana outfit, a Diane von Furstenberg outfit (when she read the label, Renny had to correct her pronounciation.) Some apparently gorgeous jewelry and a pair of jeans. I loved the colors of the wrapping paper: peach, pink and purple.

It is now 11:50 PM ten minutes before FOOD! Jerry starts his huge cheeseburger in a fry pan. Michelle cuts up chicken and uses Renny's recipe to make fried nuggets with Dan as her storeman. At 11:59 PM Dan pops a nugget in his mouth to test it and gets to the swallowing point when he realizes it's too early and spits the whole thing in the trash. But, it tasted wonderful.

It's a PIG OUT. Jerry's cheeseburger made me hungry. They all gorge and laugh, though for the most part are too busy chewing to talk. A highlight before the feast - a three sheets to the wind Renny re-bonds with Dan as House Mother and House Son. It was a touching moment....though a tad embarrassing for Dan.

While most are still chomping away, Dan moves to the living room sofa and stretches out on his back. "Too much food, too much food, I want cookie, too much food." He is moaning and groaning and shifting around as though in pain. The others ask is he is all right, and he yells, "I'm in labor! I'm giving birth to an eight pound chicken nugget!" Michelle tries to help him deliver by sitting on the back of the couch and almost rolling off of it onto him. Ollie takes it a step farther and jumps over the back of the couch, landing on Dan then rolling to the floor and hitting his head on the coffee table. OUCH! Michelle holds up three fingers and when he sees only three, declares him to be okay.

Wine and Beer are provided towards the end of the feast and Keesha and Michelle share the bottle, while Dan passes around the four beers. I leave these hamsters as they slide from jolly and happy to drunk (Keesha) and winding up for a good old fashioned Libra bash.

My last view is of Renny in her darkened HOH room, stretched out on the bed listening to Ella Fitzgerald on the cd player. Sweet dreams, hamsters. Manana.