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Thread: 7/31 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 7/31 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by buglover;3152102;
    I still cannot get over how many of the HGs are actually considering the earthquake was put on by BB. Seriously? Keesha thinking that because she's never felt one that strong that it wasn't real....... duh! She hasn't been in California since the really big one in 94.
    I spent my first 28 of 31 years in Southern California and I don't think I've felt more than 10 'real' (i.e. bigger than 4.5) earthquakes. They're such tools!

    And I have to comment about the unprotected sex: those two disgusting people need to visit South Africa. I spent a month there, working in a health clinic in a township. From my observation, probably 95% of the patients have HIV/AIDS. (The nation's AIDS rate is somewhere between 25%-40%.) I will never have sex without a condom again!!! :nono

    I wish I could buy these idiots a clue!

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    Re: 7/31 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by susanr342;3152340;
    No the houseguests didn't see it. I just sent the link to both of you.
    Thanks Susan! That was sooooooooo strange. It wasn't like it was in the mirrors. I wonder if who ever recorded that video doctored it up. I can't even tell what the heck it is. Weird!

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