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Thread: 3/26 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 3/26 Live Feed Discussion

    I missed out on last night but caught some of the bbad. While I am not personally a James fan, I have to say he is really really good at thinking up scenarios, coming across as trustworthy and sincere and I have to say I would totally have gone for his plan if I was Natalie. It made sense and she was drinking, so I would have totally aligned with him. They are the two strongest players, he cant screw her as he has noone in the house who likes him or would save him and they could probably make it to the final two if they get out josh then adam. (Although I like adam the most probably, he has some disgusting personal habits but he is a smart cookie and seems to have a good heart, just kind of socially retarded). It really makes sense to me, although I would LOVE to see shelia gone more than anyone, even chelsia.

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    Re: 3/26 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by schmoo2;2872327;
    *and you know, consonants are the only REAL letters anyhow. Those vowels are just fluff.
    my favorite line of this thread ....

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    Re: 3/26 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by ABalla;2872510;
    I know! I love that she totally played James. He's the fool.
    he couldn't possibly believe her after he told her that he wouldn't putt up Mattie and he back doored him (not really because Mattie did have a chance to play but didn't put forth the effort to when because he felt that he was safe) don't these ppl know "YOU" are never safe unless you are HOH/win POV. ... Nat is going to totally play this week for Matt!!!
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