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Thread: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

    No thanks,

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    Re: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Two ways to go for Nat---stay in and try to win the $$ so Matt will stay interested (since that's about the only thing I can see that would interest him about her...not that she gets that), or beg to be voted out so she can stalk him in sequester house.
    If Matt's smart he'll beg her to stay in and fight "for them", which at least may forestall her arrival in sequester house enough for their to be a chaperone hamster there as well. And if she wins the money then he will no doubt convince her to sign most of it over to him "as a sign of trust" and make off with it, laughing at her all the way. Sigh.
    While BB may try to influence things through the DR conversations they can NOT change the plan for the games/vote in/outs, etc. They have to file all that someplace in advance and some legal type checks that they followed through. It would be like throwing any other game show. We have had this discussion on the Survivor thread now and then, and I"m pretty convinced that CBS keeps an eye on this.
    So, Alex out, James in, the luck of the draw, not fiendish planning by BB for a favorite. Giving the house a chance to override America, yes, that was their plan, but not the outcome.

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    Re: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke;2846659;
    okay, who broke the board?

    matt continued to go from person to person, pouting, crying, and saying how he's going to disappoint his mother because he hasn't won anything, and that he should just walk out now and not go to sequester.

    waaaaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaah cry me a river.
    guess what Matt... she has a lot more to be disappointed in you than the fact that you havent won anything!
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    Re: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by andee;2847091;
    Ryan said Nattie goes astray when she doesn't have Mattie to consult. I agree with Ryan's point--why bring back someone in the house you voted out? 5/1, as James has often said.
    Yeah that was by far the stupidest move in the game
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    Re: 3/16 Live Feed Discussion

    i wanted amanda to come back atleast chelsia is in the house

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