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Thread: 2/25 Live Feed Transcripts

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    2/25 Live Feed Transcripts

    Welcome to the transcripts. For those of you who would like to transcribe, we only have a few rules, and everyone is welcome:

    1) Please don't include commentary in your transcripts unless a minor amount is necessary to explain what's going on.

    2) Please don't use nicknames for contestants. Obviously, things they call themselves are okay, like "Chicken George" and "Boogie". But things like "Aliscum" and so on are not going to be acceptable.

    3) You are welcome to post shorter posts. Please use this thread rather than the discussion thread for any sort of update on what is going on with the feeds.

    4) Please remember our PG-13 guidelines, and star out bad words. Not just the vowels, either. I recommend using the first letter, and stars for ALL the rest.

    If you're reading the transcripts, please keep this rule in mind:

    1) Don't discuss the transcripts here. Use the Live Feed Discussion thread, or another thread, to discuss them. Commentary, questions, etc. will be removed immediately.

    Also, we love our transcribers and we think they do an excellent job. They deserve all the praise in the world, but we want to keep this particular thread to transcripts only. So if you want to tell them how much you appreciate the job they do for all of us, please do so by clicking here:

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    Re: 2/25 Live Feed Transcripts

    Some of the hg's have set up a bowling game (they may be done now cuz I see Alex sitting on the couch with the ball) using canisters or something and a ball they got from somewhere. They may be going back to it, not sure?

    Allie and Ryan are still playing chess or playing again with Matt and Adam watching them. Sharon, and now Alex, and Amanda are in the kitchen. Sharon is writing? something with nail polish, missed what it was.

    I can't really hear what anyone is saying though I did hear someone refer to one of the chess peices as the "horsey" and Amanda asking someone if they want to bowl.

    Alex just brought in a stack of towels and went to the bathroom with them.
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