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Thread: 2/22 Live Feed Discussion

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    Re: 2/22 Live Feed Discussion

    Question about the Shiela/Allison fight last night. Did Alli tell the others that Shiela had a yeast infection? Were any of Shiela's accusations true?
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    Re: 2/22 Live Feed Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by TG1985;2808485;
    Natalie's reaction was strange too. I guess the producers, camera operators, etc., walk a fine line when something like that happens since their job is to catch everything. It just seems to me that they can't afford to hesitate for a second where someone's health is concerned. The amount of "drama" that the BB house creates tends to make one distrust anything, but it appeared to me that Amanda was not faking, at least on the clips I watched.
    I agree that I think Amanda was real. I would think that a person that pretends to faint will turn their head to the side so they can breath. Hers was face flat on the floor.

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