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Thread: Parker - BB9 (Live Feeds)

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    Parker - BB9 (Live Feeds)

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    Please use this thread for any ongoing discussion of Parker from the live feeds or the show.

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    Re: Parker - BB9 (Live Feeds)

    I seriously just do not care for Parker. He talks down to women and thinks much higher of himself then deserved. He lies and can see only what he wants to see and and even then can twist it some more. He is seriously wearing some very colored lenses. In no way he claims would he not have Mat and Alex's back so why it that any different then Jen having Ryan's back? And yes Parker you wanted Sharon and Josh out. He says it was all Jen in his ear trying to persuade him but we all know if it wasn't something he wanted to do he would NEVER listen to Jen. He showed us that earlier with the whole fight between him and Jen. Sorry Parker you are not my favorite player. Too young and VERY immature.

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    Re: Parker - BB9 (Live Feeds)

    Parker's back on TMZ. I can't help it. I really wanted him to be voted back into the house. Of course, it doesn't matter now because CBS SCREWED US!

    Sorry, did I say that out loud?

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