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Thread: 9/13 Live Feed Discussion *off topic posts will be deleted*

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    Re: 9/13 Live Feed Discussion *off topic posts will be deleted*

    Quote Originally Posted by Emerald Fox;2572565;
    Yes! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed!
    They looked so uncomfortable "casually" sitting around talking about which houseguest gonna be walking through the door.

    Especially Amber. She seems to be trying to act as happy as a pig in crap in every shot, like she did on the Power of Ten. It's so phony and pathetic, I almost feel bad for her. Almost. I imagine it's to counteract all the crying in the house, and make people think she's halfway sane, but we know better. The real her was exposed in the house, and she might as well give up the act.

    I think Amber actually said it best when she asked Jameka "What does 'charismatic' mean? And would you say I have it?" If you have to ask... I assume no one has ever used that word to describe her. I thought it was actually mean of Jameka to tell Amber she could be a model. Yeah... You don't have to be rail thin to be a model. True. But you have to at least be attractive. She's gonna have harsh slap in the face if she attempts to apply at an accredited modeling agency.

    As for Eric and Jess, their poolside chat felt extremely forced by both parties. I could feel the awkward tension through my television. Funny how they were comfortable almost dry humping in the BB house surrounded by cameras, yet are unsettled in front of one. Perhaps Jess was turned off when she finally got to see how Eric looked on television when she got her goodbye message from him. Who knows? Maybe they were told to sit and talk together to keep up a romance aspect for the viewers. Maybe Jess still blames Eric for her getting evicted and is "taking it personal." (in quotes because I'm quoting her and her poor grammar.)

    But I assume that everything we see from the Sequester house is heavily staged, and the houseguests (besides Amber) aren't even trying anymore to pretend they're just having so much fun and surprised by everything.

    Actually the sequester house is very loose according to past hgs. They don't have alot of handlers and the cameras come in just to film what we see- so henced the staged feelings. There aren't any cameras in the jury house. I think there are undercurrents. The jury probably realized that Amber the racist made CBS call off them being on Housecalls and Early morning show and other print media. As Janelle said she overheard at CBS that they were having problems with Jen trying to leave. I bet there was alot of drama surrounding that at the jury house- that's why everyone seemed removed from her. As for E/J- according to Dustin they are getting it on (sick of Dustin to divulge that on air-especially if Jess parents were watching the show). I think they were trying to kept it low key about hooking up. I think Jess is really careful about that especially coming from a conservative family. On the show, I thought that she was faking feelings for Eric.

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    Re: 9/13 Live Feed Discussion *off topic posts will be deleted*

    Quote Originally Posted by Julian Pyke;2572573;
    I'm not a fan of Amber's... but that house adds SO MUCH stress on you... yes she is an emotional person, but that magnifies it over 100 times, so the fact that she cried so much, I'd give her a break for that because it is a STRESSFUL situation.
    I gave her a break in the beginning but when she cried over Nick being nominated, even though she push hard for him to be put up. I knew it was a sham just to get sympathy from the viewers and other hgs. Amber said she good a playing people, that she played her boyfriend four the first couple of months of their relationship. She has some serious issues that go well beyond being in that house.

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    Re: 9/13 Live Feed Discussion *off topic posts will be deleted*

    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix1964;2572596;
    You should read his myspace posts then. He is very eloquent, deep thinker and interesting. Why should he spill his intermost thoughts for the live feeders. I wouldn't. It's a game, and I would want to leave that house with as much of my personal self shielded from the public.
    Yes, his April 18 post does eloquently describe his feelings towards women, especially the last line.

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    Re: 9/13 Live Feed Discussion *off topic posts will be deleted*

    Quote Originally Posted by marlap;2572582;
    No, it would have been gracious. Besides, Zach wasn't being contentious and creating tension, D&D were.

    And Dani calling Zach an Ogre as he left???!!! They are a couple of creeps. period.

    It's the very idea that even though they have won, they can't stop being nasty, kicking Zach when he was down so to speak...... oooooo, yechk!

    They promised him F3 and then were scheming to get him out before Jameka but constantly go off on him for trying to do the same?

    Why can't they shake his hand and say good game and leave it at that??? I mean seriously...they act like they really are incensed that anybody would dare do to them what they gleefully do to others. typical bullies.

    If they had been decent to Zach when he left and not given him those nasty good bye messages, I would feel better (a little) about them winning.

    I was a huge D&D fan early on, their nastiness is why I can't stand them now.

    They will be insufferable to watch during Jury questioning.

    Dick will be smacking gum and saying "Yeah, Bro" and shooting the finger and Dani will be grinning ear to ear whan she says things like "I feel really bad I had to send you out but, so sad for you."

    All I want to see anymore is AP being revealed.
    I really was pulling for Dick to win until I saw the way he treated Zach during the bunny hop competition. There was nothing strategic about it, though they always claim the awful way they treat people is "just game." No, it was all very, very personal and calculated for nothing more than personal and lasting humiliation. Dick totally lost me on that one. Mercifully for Zach they didn't show the worst of it on the show.

    Now, Dick keeps talking about "their" win and gloating to the camera with his 9th grade level soliloquies. He gives the impression he assumes the prize money will be some sort of family split. When he talks like that Dani just keeps quiet and darts her eyes around in that conniving manner she has when she is plotting. I think Dick had better pray he wins. After the giddiness wears off of this and the warm fuzzy is gone, I expect Dani's true colors will come out again. Her dark roots other than the ones attached to her bottle blond hair could be viciously evident. Dick will once again be inconvenient to her. If Dick comes in 2nd I think he had better make the most of his $50k, because he will see precious little of Dani's half million. Their goodbye to Zach was more telling than any other moment this season what they both are really made of. Even in total victory they showed an utter inability to even fake anything that could be mistaken for class. There is no reason to believe they won't do the same to each other when it is convenient. The cameras have also shown plenty of the damage Dick has inflicted on the house in his juvenile victory spasm. It's a universal truth that you can't polish a turd.

    The way The Dicks seemed to have a genuine break-thru in their relationship mending efforts after Zach left was truly touching. Possibly Dani really did feel some twinge of emotion for him that wasn't first centered on herself when he was suffering so brutally for her the other night, which must have been very confusing for her. You know - Grinch, "3 sizes that day," yada, yada. Certainly, that was the first time we have heard her say she loves her dad, and she even said it twice by my count. I am very happy for them on that level and pray it lasts. However, as a collection of individuals they have all the makings of a shaky family that will be utterly destroyed by bickering over the prize money. The power trip Dani would go on with $500k in her bank account will make Eva Peron look like Mother Teresa. Sadly, I think they should enjoy the next couple of weeks, because I think this is all the gooder it's going to get for them. At the same time, at least on the subject of their relationship, I truly hope I am wrong and they really have reached a permanent reconciliation.

    I'm so very over both of them. It's easy to imagine both of them being very flip with the jury in that needlessly smug and crass Dick way they both share. After all, ALL of the prize money is doing to The Dick family in one way or another, so why not be total asses about it? It's a shame at the jury doesn't have a 3rd option of not awarding the money to either of them and burning it while they watch, or sending it to a children's hospital or something.

    I just saw Dick spit nearly 20 times in just over a minute. Disgusting. What is he trying to prove? I'm completely done watching any kind of feeds for the season. I don't care to see him spit even one more time.
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