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Thread: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    Ok. I'm officially jumping on the Zach bandwagon.

    Started out wanting Dusin to win. Then Dick. Then Eric. Then Jen. But I swear I'll be true to Zach now. A great style of gameplay. One we haven't seen before.
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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    Quote Originally Posted by Berta1960;2518426;
    I don't think Zach is floating. I think he is biding his time, voting how he says he will vote so his integrity cannot be impugned and is letting the others pick each other off until the time is right for his move. He studies the other hamsters all the time. Keeping a low profile and waiting for your time is not floating.

    He is very bright and incredibly articulate. Many very bright people don't have the greatest people skills as far as interaction goes, so that is why I think he appears so socially awkward. I like him as faras what I have seen and read of him and think he is playing a good game.
    I think he bears further watching as a possible contender...don't be surprised if you see him in the final four, if not the final 2.


    i totally agree and i'm so happy for zach his thread is a whole five pages!
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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    I can't believe I'm thinking this, but Zach is fast becoming my favorite. He's actually playing an amazing game and the others can't see it right in front of them.

    And I love him when he dances in the bunny suit!
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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    Something about Zach reminds me of Matt Damon and I have no idea why?
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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    He looks more like Matt Damon after he walked into a port-a-potty.

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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    I'm for Zach all the way! Whether you call it "keeping a low profile", or "floating"...whatever, it's working for him and I'm glad. He manages to stay out of controversy, so far.
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    Re: Live Feed Discussion 8/19 *OFF TOPIC POSTS WILL BE DELETED*

    I want Zach and JEss and want Zach to win I think he has played a good game. YOu have to give him credit Kail outed him and the whole alliance he lost his 2 biggest allies in the house Mike and Nick and he still survived and was smart enough to adapt and change his game and go it basically alone with no solid alliance kind of floating and had to lay back and be totally ignored for a week or so then has worked all sides and became a valueable vote. And unlike his other alliance members he's still here. YOu just have to give him alot of credit for that.

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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    Can someone give me specific instances of "creepy" things Zach has done to deserve the treatment he's gotten from the others? And I'm talking about things that are MORE creepy than the bowel movement discussions and Dick's treatment of Jen and other incredibly creepy stuff that other houseguests have engaged in. I just don't see where he's that much more weird than anyone else in the house.

    Also, I agree with the poster above who said Zach is incredibly articulate. I think he is the "sleeper" in the game. He's not a floater -- he knows exactly what he's doing, and he's doing it exceptionally well. He's my favorite at the moment.

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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)


    IF... BB is more like a chess game than a gang fight, then Zach has an exceptionally good chance of winning it all...

    His personality suffers as a result of his "chess mind"... I am glad to see him opening up more, and backing Dick down was a personal high for him (and me)...

    I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him in F2, but if things go as the alliance of 4 plan, he won't have a chance... UNLESS somehow, miraculously, Jen escapes eviction... OR, J/E see a chink, and move to align themselves with him before Dick can move... I think he would be open to ridding the house of Dick at any point in time... I hope they explore that move. With Amber and Jameka....
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    Re: Zach - Season 8 (Live Feed)

    Re his creepiness... supposedly he did stalker type things. I have no idea what more specifically---probably hung around the women when they didn't want him to and didn't get the message. He's also said to have made some racist/homophobic remarks...there was some implication he didn't like Jameka, Joe or Justin "just because". On the other hand you have to admire someone who's in this game this long and still only has 5 pages on FORT--that's floating!!! Only Jessica is in his league, and she's got Eric covering for her while Zach is out there all alone.
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