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Thread: BB Transcriber Appreciation Thread

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    Re: BB Transcriber Appreciation Thread

    thanks to everyone for keeping me updated this year..

    will definitely need it next year as I won't be getting those POS feeds again.

    cya next season
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    Re: BB Transcriber Appreciation Thread

    I am so stoked that it's Big Brother time again!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you gals/guys do.... watching the feeds, transcribing, posting screen caps, ETC..... I truly appreciate ya'll keeping this chick (who doesn't have the feeds) in the know!
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    Re: BB Transcriber Appreciation Thread

    It's slilly, but this is one of my favourite times of year. I swear, personally, it has all of the most wonderful hazy summer memories of camp life and reuniting with those freinds who you appreciated and missed so much but only saw for that fabulous short time.

    I'm a BB addict (thankfully as is my wife) and I searched many site before happening upon the FORT. Since 2004 I've been back every year to participate in the boards but mostly to read the most increadible recaps and transcribing available anywhere. Period!

    So many of the senior FORT members put in blood, sweat and tears brining all the action right to our screens. I simply don't have enough thanks to give for the brillant and insightful, and who's kidding who, some of the funniest and satyrical insights into the real life inside the house.


    I so respect and appreciate all of the effort you put in. As we embark on a new journey with housguests new and old I know the best part of the season is always found right here on FORT.

    You all rock! Thanks for all of your work!!!
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    Re: BB Transcriber Appreciation Thread

    Ok, I found it!!

    I get the live feeds but my work hours unfortunately conflict with all the good stuff that happens in the house...lol. So.....thank you to all who post in the live feed thread each day. It's nice to come home and relax with a little BB recap of the things I missed. I appreciate it.
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