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Thread: 9/6 Live Feed Transcripts/Discussion

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    Maggie and April telling Ivette to turn down the music on headphones and tell them more stories about Cuban culture

    Icky: On Thanksgiving we have Cuban bread, It's like french bread but really fluffy, it's really good.

    Ape and Hag: How many people at Thanksgiving?

    Icky: Says a list a mile long... mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother,,, blah blah..

    and FISH!..... (i think the cameraman fell alseep from boredom!)

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    oh and now how lovely...

    Maggie blows a HUGE FART and rots the whole bed up.... Ape is gagging and Icky is cursing..... the Hag just laughs and says a lame "sorry guys, couldnt help it"..... then Icky screams "Where my bunny rabbit????"

    she scrambles around in the blankets looking for her rabbit to save it from the toxic fumes.

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    Ape and Ick both love canadian bacon.... they are going over and over what they will make for breakfast the next morning.... then they disbuss what to make for lunch and supper.... blah blah.

    Icky says her dad is like a garbage disposal he will eat anything.

    OKay now checking out Howie downstairs:

    He took a shower and blew a fart... then got out of shower and blew another (holy cow what have these people been eating?)..... at least Howie says "Sorry BB" after each toot. lol

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    well its 2:20am and things are finally quieting down...

    Nerdherd awake and continue to watch the spy cam , Maggie says Howie still has his light saber, April says her period is coming soon

    April complains she was almost asleep but then Ivette woke her up by pulling a pillow out....They all squirm and kick about stretching and turning to get comfy.

    Ape: "I'm a scooter-downer. I love it"

    Haggie : "So was Jennifer"

    Ape: "when I get my period I am really hot"

    Ape to Icky: "If you want to cuddle come join us, the boogly woogly crowd"

    Icky: No thanks (Ickvette picks up a picture in frame from night table and lays there looking at it and ignoring the other 2)

    Haggie: "I am really hot now and at home I am usually cold"

    Ape: "What temperature to you keep it at home?"

    Haggie: "uhhhh 70..72uhh no uhhh like 70uhhh... oh probably 68"

    Ape: "68!?!? Good Lord!"

    Haggie is rocking her legs from side to side and all over and telling April how she needs to do this to fall asleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by mushmouth
    It is just AMAZING how much fun A & I actually HAVE when they're just hanging with Howie and Janelle (who's still in the shower), they're all in the bathroom. Maggie is like a 9000 pound anvil on the fun in that house.
    I was thinking the exact same thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleocatra
    This is a little out of order but about half an hour ago Ickvette told Ape and Hag that her and Tush have a "Weed Purse" in their closet full of paraphenalia.... and that they smoke weed together.

    Tush You'd better start flushing that stuff down the toilet cause you are getting a knock at the door soon and off to Hotel Slammer...

    edit: Oh, I forgot We can't see or hear what's going on in the HOH room (that's what they think lol)
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    Ivette's discussion of her mother gives a little insight into Ivette's behavior.

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