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Thread: 9/3 Live Feeds Transcripts/Discussion

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    Oh just so everyone knows, my favorite tidbit of the day is this one:

    Ivette is convinced that Janelle is the last SOS (summer of secrets) secret. Her logic is that there HAS to be one secret for the end.

    Janelle, most likely sensing they think this, has LIED to them (FINALLY! ) and told them that she knows the Final SOS secret & that she told Howie only.

    Ivette & April, and Maggie to a lesser extent, truly believe she's the last secret. The funniest part of the whole thing is that they're not seeing the obvious: The last SOS secret is in the Friggin Safe! Duh! Paranoid dummies

    it also has been decided by the live feeders that the Crapettes/Nerd Herd Alliance is now known as The Ugly Stepsisters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleocatra
    Now april is going on and on about "no matter how much Janie tries to tempt us (ME) about going to the end with her cause it will assure that person of the $500,000... we CANT fall for that....ya know what I mean?

    WOW if you listen to April you can soooooo tell what SHE is really thinking and wanting.... and she tries to innocently disguise it as what evil Janie will try to do and trick us into.
    They should fall for it. Maggie's best chance of winning is going up again Janie. She would be foolish to go up against one of her own. She needs to vote out April.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleocatra
    the only good thing about the fraudship being the final 3 will be watching them turn on each other.

    They will FINALLY see just how ugly each other really is
    Yes! I have been waiting for this too, and there was a small taste of it in last night's show. I cackled the whole time!

    I love the term The Ugly Stepsisters - fits them to a T. Rationalizing, hypocritical, jealous, venomous bitches.

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    Why are they saying Janelle is so jealous I still don't understand? If she is just in it for the money and Howie deserves it more, vote off April and keep Howie in the game. DUH! Poor Howie? Then vote off an ugly stepsister and keep poor Howie-rella in the game.

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