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Thread: 8/31 Live Feed Transcripts/Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleocatra
    YVW Vonna.... sleep well!! g'nite
    Cleo, you stayed up and got some great posts. Beau layed low for so many of the weeks, now he is acting more like a Cappy crew yuk. I was liking him (as the most likable from his group) until now........he's being so bad.....and crazy howie is falling for it. He takes the hook every time....shame shame.....

    Howie doesn't realize that if Janelle and James really had an aliance, she would have picked James to play veto with the hope both her and james would be safe.......but Howie, she didn't...she stuck with you !!!!!

    I don't see how Howie could put up two fiendship on the block if he won HOH...after last nights feeds.....poor Janelle

    Thanks Cleo for your dedication.....and tran, celtic, jexter, and the others...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tran1172
    Bo and Howie converse in the kitchen. Appears that Beau has Howie convinced that if the vote is 3:1, that Janelle is the one that voted against Howie and backstabbed him.

    Howie: You're right, she can just say that, 'oh it was Ivette.'
    Ivette/Beau either lucked into this strategy or are more devious than I thought. Earlier up in the HoH room, Ivette was adamantly saying she will NOT give James a sympathy vote and that it will be a 4-0 vote. She even says that if it's 3-1, then it must be Janelle's vote. So if Ivette OR Beau wanted to cause a rift, one of them votes for Howie to leave....but i'm secretly hoping they both fumble this up tie the votes, causing April to decide.

    Janelle's too sly for her own good. She must've known Howie's not quite feeling secure, because their playful 'You're cute/cuter' banter was flat ... and howie using the time-honored tradition of one-syllable words and grunts. I had hoped she would've just asked him, "What's wrong?"

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    Howie is so easily manipulated, it isn't even funny.

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    Thank you so much, all of you dedicated fans! You got some great stuff!

    Howie, ugh! If he's buying that garbage that Bo is feeding him, I could just throttle him!!

    While getting read for bed, I caught one time when Howie asked Janelle if she had an alliance with James, and she told him (paraphrasing) no and that she would tell him is she ever changed her mind. There was no missing the sincerity and honesty with Howie in her voice when she answered him.

    Man Howie, if you missed that, and believe the nerd herd fraudship, then I just don't know about you.

    He needs to "shut his mouth" and stick with the alliances that have gotten him this far. Sheesh....

    I could almost cry for Janelle right now...
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