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Thread: 8/28 Live Feed Transcripts/Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by friendthatsits
    April just asked how long do the 'live feed viewers' watch them. Beau said some are so fanatic that they even have them as screen savers on their cell phones.

    Maggie thought that was crazy.

    April thinks her fans are Mothers, then she said abused wives.

    Ivette's fan's are 'the ghetto slide club'.


    April asking Beau if Janelle is model material - he says 'print'. So according to Beau she is not good enough for anything other than print ads. Also April making fun of Jan having fake body parts and being 'plastic', etc. (pot calling the kettle here).
    Well, I actually agree with Beau here. Runway models have to be rail thin (anorexic looking). Janelle is not overweight to me but they would consider her overweight for runway or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapit
    Personally, i think they will go for Ivette or Maggie first. I believe they genuinely like Beau the best, (but he is still with a partner, so that bothers them).
    Funny you should mention that. I did not transcribe, but last night I caught a conversation between J and H in the BY.

    Basically, Janelle said her target for next week (should she win HOH) is Ivette because she can't stand her and her attitude. Howie interjected, and said that Beau is a stronger both physically and mentally. Janelle grugingly agreed, although restated her disgust of Ivette.

    I believe j/h will definately target the pairing next week if they win HOH, and hope to get Beau out for the simple fact that he's stronger.

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    Beau being the stronger competitor is a good point, but it would sure be nice to have Evilette gone.

    Reg. Beau's remarks....I'm addicted to FORT. I'd rather read the feeds than watch the show. For awhile, I started thinking there was something voyeuristic about BB but as I go through the feeds, it seems to me that most of us are in it for the strategy aspect of the game - not "what goes on behind closed doors".

    Or...at least that's what I've talked myself into believing

    I find the show (and other competition shows) to be a great break from real life. Believe it or not, they make me think a little and I am of the opinion that real life (as real as reality tv can get) is WAAAYYY more interesting than the fictional shows that Hollywood produces in a factory-style manner.

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    It's unreal how April and Ivette in one breath would say "it's not her (Jan) fault for winning AC........then 2 seconds later (as snap put it) "same song 503 verse" over and over "how could evil Jan could win an American Choice????boo hooo hooo hooo how could they do that to us?? boo hoo......

    They really made me nervous for a while wondering if they were leaning toward James

    Now I didn't hear (see posts) Beau complain???
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