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Thread: Live Feed Recap, 8/25: Skeletor’s Time to Shine

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    I'm surprised April didn't get a carton of cigarettes in her HOH basket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    I'm surprised April didn't get a carton of cigarettes in her HOH basket.
    the show doesnt back up smoking, swearing, racial slurs, etc..

    on housecalls shapiro was like if we could, we wouldnt have smoking because he doesnt want to show it on tv... thats why unless you have to they dont show smoking on tv (and the racial slurs)

    so obviously they wouldnt give her cigarettes


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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    All these “friends” need a good dose of trash talk every night or they just can’t get to sleep. Luckily, there’s always someone around to hate.

    I don’t know what kind of game Maggie is playing, but if she’s just now realizing that Beau and Ivette are a pair, then she shouldn’t have made it this far in the game.

    April cleared her throat and said that she had done the cooking, so ask her, not Howie. Such a supportive group, those “friends.”

    His shrine to Sarah looks adorable, unlike the creepy voodoo going on up in the HOH.

    Anyone who has smelled broccoli cooking knows that it ain’t pretty either; but you don’t hear the house complaining when Maggie cooks up her goulash-ey concoctions.

    The Bony Fist of Power

    Maggie and April quickly see through this Janellousy to Ivette’s true motivation - to plug her favorite, James.

    ...and turning on the spy screen, they watch Janelle and trash her to her back for longer than I can stay awake to watch.
    I haven't had much time to nose around in this live-feed forum until now, and major props to you, Heppy, for all these recaps. You are amazing.
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