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Thread: Keeping the Lies Straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by qboots

    And hepcat: I think you may have touched on the BIGGEST lie of the house. Nevermind all the lying Jenn did to Kaysar during the actual HOH comp, and nevermind that backdooring Kaysar rather than James meant that the whole house had lied to Howie.

    But rather "Whose idea was it to backdoor Kaysar?" That's been tossed around like a hot potato. Shortly after K went on the block, April told the Sovereigns it had been a group decision. Then Jenn told K she had really intended to keep her word in the beginning until her group strong-armed her into changing her mind. Later Jenn puts it all down to a "miscommunication". Then April tells Janelle that she (April) would rather have seen James leave, but Jenn had to go with the majority of their group. Ivette tells Kaysar that she had NO part of the decision whatsoever. April tells Maggie that she's upset that Howie is focusing all his abuse on her, since it was Ivette who pushed to backdoor K. Jennifer actually suggests it was Rachel's fault, for having the audacity to use the POV on herself. Behind the couch, April tells Jenn that Ivette is blaming Jenn for the decision when it was really Ivette's fault. When Jenn was evicted she told Julie that she knew from the second she got HOH she was sacrificing herself for her team, which suggests to me that she knew right away she was going to backdoor K. And then on House Calls, Jenn blames Beau! WTF???

    About the only person who didn't get blamed was James. And as far as I'm concerned, that decision was his. He convinced Ivette, and she convinced the rest.
    And we're supposed to be keeping all this straight!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Estquer
    She must be insane if she thought she could become a reality "star" if she caused America's Choice to be evicted
    In her HOH blog she said she wondered why America, "our fans," wanted Kaysar back on the show. She went on to say I thought they wanted him back for the same reason I respected him so much and that was for causing so much drama in the house instead of going with the flow and taking the easy route while he was HOH. If things had gone according to plan since week one, I'd be gone by now. And isn't the point of this how to win? I figured that I'd be the one to give America what they wanted instead and press "the restart button." She was counting on the viewers embracing her for her actions.

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