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Thread: 8/11 Live Feed Discussion

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    I doubt it only because of his disgusting comments and actions. How could they be a couple and stand for all he's said and done without cracking? It's just not possible.

    James was right, this game is being played personally, not strategically.

    For example: How come none of the 4 remaining couples have privately discussed at length their own private strategies winning the million dollars by breaking up all the other remaining couples?

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    I: can I ask you a question and not be taken the wrong way?
    I: did it bother you when Janelle's key came out before yours?
    R: I thought about that actually. It bothered me for a moment, I let it go. BUt yeah.
    I: not to start anything..
    R: I recognized it. It was rude
    I: I know you know it's nothing. I was like she's your partner, put her first. I take things differently
    R: I put his key last!
    I: At that time nobody knew though
    I: sometimes you tell me you think too much
    R: I noticed it. I was like thanks alot a-hole
    I: It's obvious. The secret's out
    R: He likes her. For a couple minutes, she'd be great for her. That's Howie.

    Feed just died on me.

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    I wondered how long before Ivette would bring that up. LOL

    She is such a instigator!

    I also wonder if they planned the keys together to plant that idea that Rachel and Howie aren't as tight as they think...
    "How do you know the chosen ones? No greater love hath a man than he lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame... for one person. In the dark. Where no one will ever know or see." - Sebastion, Babylon 5

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    It's funny how people take things differently, especially over the order of sequence of a key.

    To me, the order of sequence does not matter. Just as long you get your key.

    As for Ivette, it does not surprise me that it bothered her because I don't find her all that mature anyways. She takes things way too personally.
    "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will."

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    BB asked Rachel and Ivette to wake everyone up. On Thursdays, they can't play the loud audio that they usually do to wake up people.

    Rachel is in the HOH room with Howie and Janey. She asked Howie what all the commotion was late last night when she was sleeping. Howie said April had been clipping her microphone to Maggie's nipple. Rachel said "THAT is what everyone kept laughing about????" Janelle was disgusted because she hates how they always giggle about stupid things. Last night, she had said it is like being in the house with a bunch of high school girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aly
    Last night, she had said it is like being in the house with a bunch of high school girls.
    I couldn't agree with you more Janelle! It's rediculous!

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    Oh my goodness, Yvette keeps screaming at the top of her lungs, I'm assuming it's her attempt at singing. Obviously, she knows she's safe. Wow, what a difference one day makes. Oh, I mean, she's always like this.

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    Good afternoon LiVvV. They had quite the conversation going Too bad the feed died.

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    I'm at work and can't have the sound up...but I can tell ya who is where...LOL!

    Janelle is laying down in the GR.

    Howie in HOH...seems to be cleaning up...packing up.

    Maggie, Beau, Jen sitting in kitchen.

    Ivette WAS vacuuming

    It seems to be cleaning day.

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    Sarah went in the kitchen and april and jenn said we love you sarah. Sarah just walked past them and Jenn said what sarah was thinking, Yea right bitches. Sarah said you read my mind april. April said that was jennifer. then Sarah said i dont like jennifer anyways shes always hitting on my boyfriend and April agreed.

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