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Thread: 8/9 Live Feed Discussions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erika221
    Howie to April in the Backyard: "I hope Kaysar comes back, so he can think for us again."

    I do too Howie --- you buffoon

    Okay, I am officially done with Howie. He not only says that stupid comment, but he says it to April. He really has NO game play. I have one foot over the line to go to the other side. Even though they are evil, they are playing a better game as of now. If Kaysar does come back, I still do not want his followers to win the whole thing. He will be evicted and they will go to the end because of him. That's not the kind of winner I want for BB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jette66
    Does this mean that if they do get rid of Sarah this week, that everyone else will be trying to get James out?

    If that's the case, I still think it leaves Howie's side in a weak position, even if Kaysar is the one to come back, and especially if Eric is the one to come back.

    James and Sarah are willing to swing whatever way the HOH key swings, so why would you want to eliminate one or two votes???

    Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in the house
    Since this is yesterday's thread and borderline strategy talk, I don't want to break the rules. Moreover, I haven't read up on today's happenings yet ... so see ya' there later maybe I'll have changed my mind ? .

    I did post my VERY humble opinion about this in the strategy thread ... 2 posts the original and a response to the response.

    I will say at this point without having read what up today that ... w/o Sarah, I think James will be either cooked or cooking.

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