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Thread: 8/8 Live Feed Transcripts

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    8/8 Live Feed Transcripts

    Please post your live feed reports here. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We ask a few things of you, though, if you wish to do so:

    1) Do not cut and paste from other sites. We wouldn't do it to them, and we'd hope they wouldn't do it to us.

    2) If nothing is going on that requires a play-by-play, please compile happenings together in one post every 15 minutes or so, rather than a sentence every post.

    3) Please note which feed you're on, and if you're covering a feed that someone else has been covering, please change to another to avoid duplication.

    4) Remember we're a PG-13 site, even though the feeds are uncensored.

    5) Live Feed reporters are allowed to insert a comment or two in their transcripts, but this thread is NOT for discussion of what has happened on a feed. There will be another thread for discussion, and if something really important happens, please start a new thread with a vague title (to avoid spoilers showing up on the front page). This is our most important rule. All posts that are comments or "jokes" and not transcripts will be removed from this thread.

    Thanks again to all our transcribers for all their hard work!
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    After over an hour of graphic sex talk last night/early this morning we had some strategy discussion with Janelle, Howie, April and Jennifer in the livingroom.
    Maggie listened for awhile propped up in her bed on her elbows but all she got was the R rated stuff then she went to sleep. I was watching in Quad view and our lovely camera guy left a close up on her face so I don't believe she woke up.

    Since I have over an hour of this conversation even after starting in the middle..I am omitting alot of the Yeah, Yeah, You are right cause there is alot of talking and getting excited.

    A. What Maggie doesn't understand, that you say that you love Eric SO much, but the sob that caused him to leave. You are hanging out with.
    Jan. When James came up to the goldroom, he said "Who do you want, Ivette or Eric? Jan said "I don't like Ivette at all..James said "I can't offer you her, but I can offer you Eric.
    A. Why can't he?
    Jan. Because he has a deal with her
    H. The writing is on the wall..The tapes will show one day just like Danielle and Jason had an alliance from day 1.
    Jan. What happened in that freaking gym, they were the only ones in there?
    H. No matter what kind of bond you think you have with these people, a million dollars will mess with any friendship.
    Jan. James is always saying that he would take Sara out and keep playing the game.
    A. Gosh, I just don't think outside the box like this

    Everyone heading to the HOH room

    Jenn. Maybe this is thinking to outside the box, but what if James knew Ivette before coming in here? They are both from Florida. We are all pairs so it is like we are on an even base. There has to be that 1 be twist where there is like a threesome. James is always saying that BB came to him. Maybe it was Ivette that auditioned and brought in Beau and James. Then James had to bring out Sara 3 days before because he needed to look like he had a partner because everyone else had one. That is the reason he is willing to get rid of Sara from day 1.
    Jan. Why is he so willing to get rid of Sara?
    H. He is a weaker player with Sara. That is definately his girlfriend.
    Jen. I don't buy the whole madly in love with each other thing.
    H. Are you serious?
    Jan. Me and Micheal act way more into each other than they do..WAY MORE
    A. I hate to second guess people
    H. You have to
    A. I know, I know
    H. You can't have that suspicion in this game. We are trying to get rid of that. You know where James and Sara stand in this game. You are never going to distract her focus.
    Jan. You remember when I told James that Ivette and Beau know each other in the Goldroom..He ran out there quicker than "bleep" and told them and that is when they started hating me.
    Jen. Another reason I think they know each other is because Ivette was flirting with James as much as I was but I was the only one given dirty looks to because Sara knows that James and Ivette are just friends and just acting a part. Ivette was alot more frisky with James than I ever was.
    Jan. He doesn't care about losing Sara, because he still has a partner with Ivette. He knows that he is a stronger player.

    Jen. We better have a story to tell everybody tomorrow morning because they know that we stayed up late tonight.
    A. Say we played chess.

    A. Let me ask you a question..What if we get Ivette out of here, then you take James back..We are screwed.
    H. That will never happen..He was my strongest ally in this game, but I can't trust him. I can't have someone from my team taking me out. I like to see people in front of me, not taking me out from the side.
    H. I believe he becomes stronger with Ivette than Sara. If he can have everyone suspect people from both sides he so much stronger.

    Jen talking about it is BS that Sara got pulled up in the last 3 days because his friend got scared. James wouldn't hang out with someone that got scared like that. Apparently his friend was a 25 year old african american and they never seen anyone that fit that description during the whole sign up process.

    H. If you want to win this game, you have to do that smarter things, and we just figured out what is going on. I am dead serious.
    A. As much as she said she was pissed off at James..Ivette was trying to convince Maggie to get rid of Kaysar last week.
    Jan. But to pick Kaysar over someone that got rid of your Cappy:?
    A. Ohhhhhhh, MF..I am starting to think..She was so adament about it.
    Jen. Maggie and I are the only one that wanted to get rid of James from day 1.
    A. No I wanted to get rid of James but Ivette kept saying Kaysar is dangerous. He manipulates and I (april) was saying "Well yeah, Kaysar is dangerous" (in an uncertain type of voice) but James..
    Howing interrupting...How Many votes do we have here?
    Jan. 4 including Rachel and we only need 4 votes.
    H. Is that all we need?
    H. We got to keep this quiet. Don't tell anybody. We will tell them afterwards and tell them we made the right move and we will explain it.
    Jan. If we tell the whole house that we think they are a 3 some they will freak out.
    Alot of talking over each other right now..can't make it out...
    H. The ability not to have focus over everything that is going on ..that doubt is enough to destroy people. Where we always know where Sara stands, when she says something you know to say Bullcrap. Ivette plays both sides and when people are playing both sides that gets dangerous. That is why James is so dangerous and we are trying to take him out, unsuccessfully once again.
    Jen. I know, that is why I told you I thought they were a threesome.
    Jan. I don't think they are a threesome but they have a denifite agreement.
    Talking/counting votes again. Thinking James will evict Sara.
    A. Y'all, you understand we have to have our back covered.
    H and Jan..You have it.
    A. They are going to suspect I am one of those votes because Ivette is pissed off at me.
    H. We will explain it. If they are aware of it..it will explode..You got to make moves in this game.
    A bunch of talking again about the other people not knowing and Jennifer asking April if she can lie okay?
    A. I wish we didn't get in a fight today, because people are going to think that I did it.
    Jan First of all , you will not have to answer to Ivette because she will be gone.
    Jen. and plus she can't be mad at you because I guarantee you she has a deal with James.
    Jan. she knows..she knows..(Ivette)
    Jen. And it actually good that you got in a fight with her then you can just use that excuse why you voted her off. now how is that bad?
    A. Maggie won't come after us..
    Jan or Jen agreeing with her that Maggie Will NOT come after them.. (lol)
    A. So all we have to worry about is James, Beau, and Sara.
    Jan. What?
    Jen explaining that James, Beau, and Sara will be mad at us for kicking off Ivette.
    Jan. OH WELL
    H. Well it will be them 3 against us 5 and whoever comes through that door.
    A. Beau will come my way, I think
    H. Fine, he is more than welcome but he will feel betrayed but whatever I don't care.

    Bah..this is just 18 minutes..

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    Iv: I'm very worried. My gut instinct tells me to be worried. Maggie, how would you feel if you volunteered for the sake of the group so they wouldn't have to go through that, and at the end of it all everybody scatters like cockroaches and no one came over and said, thank you for taking one for the team? Nobody had anything positive to say. I firmly believe actions speak louder than words. You know where April went after it happened? With Rachel, Howie and Janelle.

    Ma: This game makes you not trust people.
    Iv: If you had gone up, I would have gone up and hugged you. Even if Rachel had gone up even though I'm not talking to anyone.
    Ma: But you left. I was still sitting there with Sarah and James. I don't interpret it that way.
    Iv. But I do. Nobody can look at you in the face afterwards...it's hard. Nothing's going to change my mind until Thursday when I stay here. I'll pack my bags on Thursday.
    MA: You're totally safe. I'll pack my bags with you.
    Iv: Ask Beau where they went.
    Ma: I didn't even notice.
    Iv? You look so thin.
    Ma: I look so pissed.
    Iv: Beau is pissed off too.
    Ma: This tension that's going on shouldn't be here. Between us five, there shouldn't be.
    Iv: Actions speak louder than words. I have trust in you and your body language. Even though you've been uncomfortable with me talking to JAmes, you know my heart belongs to you. I don't feel comfortable with April and Jen. They give me the skeeves. They make me uncomfortable and I've been telling Beau for a week. Actions speak louder than words (goes on like this for a long time) It's like Cappy says, people start digging their own holes. Do you understand what I'm saying? (x 3)

    Ivette is saying April used to trash Kaysar but by the end she was friendly with him.

    Iv: Your way of playing the game is making me nervous.

    Iv: LIke I told you, I don't see a need to push my friendship on Howie. You don't either.
    Ma: No, but that's what you get out of the game. (??whispered)
    Iv: Not really, though, that's not true. I don't believe that. When you can't look somebody in the face they've got something up their sleeve and you can't trust them.
    Ma: I don't like you saying that because I went right to the gym to work out my feelings, and if you could say that about them you could say that to me.
    Iv: Listen, Maggie, Beau doesn't want me to say anything, but Beau and I promise to take you all the way. All the way.

    Rachel comes in, the talk stops.
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    Rachel leaves.

    Iv: I have to tell you this, like I told Beau: April and Jennifer could be playing dirty. And if they decided it was easier to get rid of me now, ...(feeds burp)
    You have to think of the worst sometimes because it could come back. You can't always think so positive. (She walks off.)

    Beau is actually sitting there! I didn't realize it because the camera was tight on Ivette and he said nothing, and Ivette kept speaking for him.

    The feeds switch to Janelle with her top off. Seriously. In her bikini top out by the pool. April is saying she never joined an alliance. Janelle is hiding her face.

    Ap: This is a [bleep]ed up house. You going to get in the water, Jennifer?

    April gets in.
    Ap: mofo, it's cold today in here. (She really says "mofo.")

    Feeds cut back to Maggie.
    Ma: I felt great but now I think I want to go use the treadmill again.

    Beau is settling down for a nap, it seems.
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    Pool again.

    AP: now she's going to try to be bud buds with Maggie.

    Jan: That's why I just say, just roll with it. We'll tell Maggie before the fricken HOH competition and she'll be find with it.

    (feed burp)

    Jan: If we tell her now, though, she's going to go to Ivette.

    April: Let me tell you Janelle, we would say...that Ivette is not Maggie's favorite person... well how would you put it Jennifer? About Maggie?

    Jen: Maggie is very suspicious of Ivette.
    Ap: She has to be.
    Jen: She'll hang out with Maggie and Maggie doesn't say anything.

    Ap: You can look at Maggie and know what Maggie's thinking. Ivette has made several comments this week, and I've looked at Maggie, she looks at me, and you can tell there's the same question mark in her head. We'll wait for Howie. She's up there, we can vote however we want to vote. She's up there, it can't be reversed.

    Janelle saying that they don't want James knowing what's going on.

    April says Ivette tells James everything. Janelle agrees, and says they would try to pull something. It's better that he not know.

    Janelle heading in.
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    Feed switches to Maggie and Beau.

    Beau: I don't know why I'm doubting her. To me this is still a sure deal. But being on the block makes you lose trust with everyone in the house. As far as I know, there's no reason to lie to me, so let me make sure.

    Beau: Jennifer will do whatever she says.

    Mag: It would not be advantageous to them at all to get rid of Ivette at this point.

    Beau: Why not? They could always go with Howie, James and Janelle.

    Mag: They'd be losing me.

    Beau: They'd be gaining 3.

    Mag: We're 5. A fivesome is always stronger than 3 and 2.

    Beau: 5: howie, rachel, janelle, jennifer, april.
    Mag: They have 5 now! They have 5 now! (she sounds very mad)
    Beau: It still doesn't sit right. (filing nails)
    Mag: Here's the problem. They have 5, let Ivette go, they become seven. I just can't believe that.

    Beau: Regardless, we have to get James on our side. We are taking him to the end. I can be shady as [bleep]. If she walk out this door. I don't give a...

    Mag: Then I'll be the next to go.
    Beau: You won;t. Howie will be the next to go. Then April-
    Mag: I don't want to - I don't want to even entertain that. I didn't think this would need to be discussed.
    Beau: Just giving you the whole picture.
    Mag: This is what I told Ivette: they could be playing the game.
    Beau: Who?
    April and Ivette, they could be protecting themselves.
    Beau: obviously, if they vote her out -
    Mag: No, they could be protecting themselves for the week!
    Beau: Don't tell them that I said so. (filing nails)
    Mag: Please.
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    April and Jen by the laundry.

    April saying Maggie will feel safer with Ivette, but she thinks they have a better chance with Howie.

    (skipping a bit - I was behind a few minutes)

    Maggie joining them in the back yard.

    Mag: Am I missing the boat here on something very big?

    Jen: One more thing, really quick: when Janelle was on the raft, floating? She was asking us to see if we should tell Maggie. She was testing us, to see if we had already told her.

    Apr: Oh, I knew that. Hey, you talk. I'm not going to talk.
    Jen: still thinking. (I guess they're ignoring Maggie?)


    Ap to Maggie: Why is Ivette still not talking to me, or her?

    Mag: I think that it's that you haven't talked to her.

    Jen: I went up to her yesterday and hugged her and told her that I know she's mad but that I still love her.

    Ap: I went up to her yesterday afternoon and said are you ready to talk?

    Mag: She's got that thing when you get up on the block and she's worried.

    Ap: I [bleep]ing told her I was going up there, and -

    Jen saying it's "weird" because she offered herself to be the pawn, so why should she be worried? Especially since everyone hates James and Sarah.

    Mag: I'm not worried. I think it's natural.

    Jen: She kept saying to April, why are you so scared, don't you trust us?

    Mag: My impression is that it sucks being on the chopping block, you get worried, and you start reading way too much into things. The fact that you guys had a little argument makes her worried. That' not what she told me, but that's my impression.

    Jen saying when Maggie was up, she was in danger. Ivette's not in danger, so why is she worried. April thinks it's suspicious that James knew a pawn was going up, but Maggie says it's a "no-brainer" that Howie would put a pawn next to Sarah.

    Janelle comes out.

    ETA: Janelle must have left again because the rest of this convo was Ap, Jen and Maggie only.

    Skipping a bit here.

    Mag: Start talking.
    Jen: I'm going to tell you my version. It's hard to decipher good reasons versus them just trying to divide us. Last night, Howie and Janelle come over to us playing chess. Before you know it, we start talking. April thinks, we're the ones who started talking about it. I think, they threw us a tiny bone and we jumped on it. (feed burp) Howie seemed to be not backing down on the idea. Meaning, to me they had this plan all along, and they thought, they bit that hook quit.

    They thing that Ivette and James have a deal going. The reason that they say that is all the examples they've seen around the house that they've seen that.

    Mag: Except her picking her off for HOH.

    Jen: Yes, but that's easy to do and give proof like that and looking good, then once she's HOH, it will be too late if she doesn't put him up. You have a lot more power as HOH.
    Mag: Okay, but when I was HOH, she wanted to put him up.
    Jen: She was more adamant about getting Kaysar off. You had to convince her to go along with it, and she agreed to go along with the group. And another thing, that's the guy that kicked off your Cappy. But no, we thought Kaysar was in on that deal when Maggie was HOH.
    Mag: Kaysar was half the reason Cappy's gone.
    Jen: But this week we've put the whole deal on James's back and she's still his friend, big time.
    (feed burp)
    Jen: How many times has she told us, I don't tell you guys everything James has told me. Why?
    Mag: It's a game. She has to protect herself.
    Jen: With James?
    Mag: Just like you guys have to protect yourselves. I see what you mean but I also, now that I've had my partner taken out of the gme, I try not to pass judgement on people playing the game.

    Somebody shushing. Beau comes out.

    Mag: Why don't you get your bathing suit on?
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    April and Jen trashing Ivette on the hammock. Jen says you can't say anything to her without her flipping her lid.

    Ap: I just want to go home so bad. This is so not worth it. I wouldn't have gone for the whole vote to evict anyways because when I thought about it, we'd have more enemies than the other way.

    Jen: What
    April: if we voted to evict "I". I'm not that stupid.

    My feeds froze!!

    April: As much as I would like to say that I have friends coming out of this, I could care less.

    Jen: I just think people are going to take things really bad when they see the DVD, and they're not going to forgive.

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    The Friendship meeting ..Pt 1

    Someone asked who starts first..
    A. Who called the meeting, whoever called, Whoever wanted the meeting?
    J. Okay I will start. I know people thought me and April were being really sketchy today because we were real quite and just talking together and in the DR awhole lot.
    I don't want to call it fighting because we were not fighting but we were having an arguement today and basically we had to settle some issues. The DR knew about it obviously.
    That is why it was back and forth me and April all day. So don't worry about it, because Beau already came up to us today and asked "Why aren't you talking to me" and we already explain that we thought he was in a bad mood and we were staying away.
    B. Remember I walked outside and I was like "Okay, You guys are leaving" Remember I brought the chair from the table you guys were like" lets go play chess".
    J. No because we were going to play chess. We had already discussed that.
    B. Oh I just thought everyone was just scattering..
    J. I went out there to eat my banana split and I was already because Janelle and Rachelle ate half of it. Then I was like " Okay lets go back in now".
    BB telling Maggie to put her microphone on..gibber gabber about blankets.
    J. And yesterday while painting our shirts and ya'll were getting in an arguement and I put my .02 in I am sorry.
    B. And I am sorry for screaming at you guys too. "Just shut the bleep up and put me up"
    J. I'm Done.
    B. I'm done too..sorry

    I. Um, none you guys know it yet..but I don't know if any you guys knows what it feels like to go up on the chopping block and not have your group support you. When I got up on the chopping block because I volunteered myself, none of you came up to me and said "Thank you for taking one for the team." or "Don't worry about it you're just a pawn". No one said any of that. Everybody just scattered like cochroaches. April came to the room for 5 seconds and then went up to the HOH room to align herself with Janelle, Howie, and Rachel.
    A. I went to go get my shoes.
    I. Now from someone retrospection of someone on the chopping block, it is not the most comfortable feeling in the world.
    J. We don't know where you are coming from at all..She doe (Maggie) but we don't and I didn't realize until someone brought it to mine and April's attention that we scattered and I was like "O crap we did , didn't we.
    I. In reality, I didn't feel that Maggie needed to take it because Maggie has already been up on the chopping block and I didn't want to do it Beau because came into this house because of me and I didn't to drag him into this mess. I felt April had her own issues and didn't want to deal with it. So I just said I will do it and I stepped up to the plate and it really bothered me that nobody here had anything to say to me.
    J. As far as you being a pawn, I thought that was an understanding and I didn't think you would be nervous about it.
    M. I talked to her about that today instead of going straight to the gym and we were wrong because we should have went to her and said I'm sorry you are on the chopping block. The second your up there everything changes.
    B. Oh yeah
    I. It is not even that..It bothered me that nobody came up and I was supposed to go up there. All you can think about is piecing things together and seeing how people are acting. You just start adding shady things to it. Adding to the top of it ..all day..the 2 of you (J&A) have been hanging out with each other and you 2 are the votes I need to stay here.
    J. Can I tell you something though, because you are mad at April I get dragged into it because I am her partner so if you don't talk to her you basically don't talk to me. I have been following you around this house all day trying to have a conversation with you.
    I. I was just really bothered by what you said yesterday because I really honestly feel that I am not perfect but I feel that I don't lie to them and I don't go say things that didn't happen..So I feel that it happened in a certain way, maybe it was overblown maybe afterward it didn't really seem like that but you weren't even in the room to see it and I didn't want to deal with it and as soon I seen that she couldn't handle it. I went out there and I said Howie "I will just do it..I think she is she is having alot of other issues and I will just do it" and since nobody else is in the room and I made such a point not to add in words. To not make something bigger than it is since this house is such a big scenero in its self ..to add more drama to it.
    ~~okay..I am going to shorten Ivette's sentences next time..I actually left out about 15 words there...don't worry I will get the important stuff =)~~
    M. People are interperting people actions in not the best way.
    J. Another thing about not being in the room..You were not in the room when Micheal did his thing but yet you say I say something that I didn't say yet I was the one in the room. So it is just people assuming...
    M. We all have reason to be pissy with each other..We all do..but what we said was the second one of us goes on the chopping block everyone is going to try and break us up. Today not once did we all sit together. When I was HOH we were seen together every 5 minutes but now..
    J. We had our own room but now we have no place to go...and people following us and everytime we try to talk.....
    M. And there is tension even among our own group. That makes it extremely difficult.
    I. It is not about having our own room...
    M. We can find a way to be together. We can go in the storage room. It's about hanging out, enjoying each others company..that is how we started the "Friendship"

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    The Friendship Pt. 2

    I. I just feel for the last 2 weeks things get called out to me that everybody else does.
    J. Everybody in this house is a hypocrite including myself.
    I. Everybody made me feel like "crap" up until the point I eliminated James everyone was doubting me in their own way. Anybody else that was doubting me was getting supported from you guys. I felt that I ended up being alone in a group that we were still debating and it ended up afterwards that "No, you were the only one that wanted James to stay". I felt like everything was beginning to get blamed on me. Little by little April and I used to be super close and now me and April are as separated as ~not even sure that word was english~ and it sucks because we had something so nice at first and now even if April went up on the block I would have gone up to her and said "You know you have our vote 100%".
    J. You know you have our vote..we made that pact.
    I. No, I don't and you will understand when you up here and your support is upstairs with the other people.
    I. Actions speak louder than words..the actions of people scattering like cochroaches said alot..the actions of nobody coming up to me said alot.
    M. It said alot because you are paranoid right now
    I. To me I was fine going up there...it is everything that happened afterwards..I think you would get nervous if you were on the block then all of a sudden Beau and I were hanging out with Howie and Janelle.
    J. But we are not up on the block so we don't realize what we are doing...Not to mention that you guys were already arguing before you got up on the block. That is why I don't go up to Ivette because I think she hates me right now.
    I. Why I got upset about the whole thing is, if she didn't feel comfortable going up in the first place..don't volunteer.
    M. Listen..that is something that we don't need to rehash. Just like the thing with Micheal whatever..gone
    ~~skipping ahead..stupid stuff about Howie~~

    M. It shouldn't matter what they are thinking..because we have the votes and that is what matters..
    J. But She (Ivette) doesn't think she has the votes...we have a problem
    M. That is why we are meeting right now..
    B. You know you have our votes right?
    J. No she doesn't she just said that.
    B. I think she just said she felt like that..
    J. Then what would make her change her mind..we haven't talked
    B. We are still on the same page, right?
    Everyone agrees

    I. I just know alot of damage has been done that probably can't be fixed, however I made a promise to the 5 of you regardless what happens..I mean you would have to completely screw me over for me to turn my back on you. I just know whoever goes up next time..I would have acted differently.
    M. We were just being insensitive..
    ~~skipping forward..repeating alot of the same stuff~~
    M. Are you (April) going to say anything ?
    A. I said she had my vote..the best thing for me to do is keep my mouth shut but no if I make a promise I will keep it so there should be no worries.
    B. Anything you want to get off your chest?
    A. ~mutters a sound..might be no~ but when I went up to the HOH room, I didn't think about it either ..I mean I was going up there (the block) then I got pushed off.
    B. I even told Howie to put me up.
    J. That is what I was telling April ..everyone volunteered to go up on the block..It is not a big deal..but apparently it turned into a huge deal.
    J. I don't know who brought this up..I don't care...I just want to tell you the reason April and I slept in here last night is because April had a really bad day yesterday. She asked if she could sleep with me and I wasn't going to sleep in a small bed. I was like you wanna sleep in the gold room. We didn't go to bed until super later and they were passed out..so it was nothing.
    M. We all have things that make us look shady.

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