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Thread: 8/8 Live Feed Transcripts

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    The Friendship Pt 3..hehe...

    April speaks.....

    A. The one thing that I did NOT appreciate..that we have always said Ivette..don't go to the other team if we were having problems..What upset me is that when I went to the DR about smoking..when I came out..I found out Ivette..I know she is sitting right there and I am talking to her as well..Ivette had ran out to the pool and in front of everyone and yelled "Put me up..April is stressing". I'd prefer if that is going to happen 1. Don't do it in front of the whole group and our enemies if you want to say. 2. Don't ever assume 3. Come to each other first before doing something like that.
    M. I also know out of compassion she was trying to protect your feelings. I can see how you see it that way..but I also know she has a huge freaking heart and she was worried about yours. I see it from 2 different angles being on the outside..she didn't want you to have something else to worry about.
    A. 1. We can't get the conversation straight right now..I know what I said..she knows what she said and it is not coming together. That is fine..I just needed someone to listen to me yesterday and I got accused of not trusting.
    M. Right you feel that you were venting but she took it the wrong way.
    A. I wasn't stressing..I was getting myself prepared to go up there. I knew James would talk total smack about me..I was just getting prepared.
    A. Also how did James know what had happened between us.
    Everyone ..Howie
    I. He was in the room when we were shouting..I kept telling you he was right there..and you kept shouting ..I don't give a Bleep about that "MoFo"
    ~skipping forward..Maggie giving the Friendship speech~~
    A. Ivette I came to you last night asking if you were ready to talk yet and you said No.
    I. Yeah..and I wasn't and I don't think I am still am. I mean it really upset me that even with me trying to tell you that he was right there and you kept calling Mofo, this and that
    A. No...I said I didn't care if he was there.
    I. And you kept saying I dont't give a bleep about that Mofo..you don't realize it at the moment you got really hot.
    A. I was..cause you said I didn't trust yall and I had already heard that at least one other time from you today.
    I. I didn't tell you that the time before. What you don't realize..when you decided you would go up there..I KNEW that would happen, I KNEW you couldn't handle it.
    A. Thank you (FYI..so far April' s voice tone has been dead this whole time)
    I. It is not about that..you have alot of other issues going on right now. I knew I could go up there and it would be OK
    A. I didn't come to you and tell you that I think someone should go up beside me.....that is where we are going to continue to fight on
    M. I think you are both right but you are seeing it 2 different ways.
    I. I want to see what she has to say ..that she said..
    M & B ..No
    I. No I do because that is the only way that it is going to get fixed.
    B. Yeah..but your not going to hear it.
    M. Yah..cause you are functioning on 2 different playing fields..like you are playing 2 different games.
    I. As far as I feel, I went outside..
    M interupts..to me it doesn't freaking matter.
    J. Agree to disagree
    M. That is what I am saying
    A. That is why I went up to her last night and wanted to talk to her because I understand and I am okay with that
    I. They don't want me to say what I really feel..but it is really hard for me to say not what I really feel. It really bothers me that the way it was said is being changed.
    A. Just because I said it one way and you interpeted one way doesn't mean you are right and I am wrong and vica versa.
    A. And Ivette, to this day , Jennifer will sit here and tell you that she did NOT say Micheal hit the wall.
    I. Like I said that one is over and done with.
    A. Then let this one be over and done with...(April is getting fiesty in her voice tone)
    I. What bothers me is that your not taking responsability for the reasons you gave me and I said fine I will do it.
    A. Ivette, Your right , your absolutely right.
    B. Don't say that.
    A. I mean I am trying to say I know what I said.
    I. Did you not say James was a Mofo and that he was going to rally once he saw you next to Sarah..Did you say that?
    A. Yes I did..I said get prepared
    M. You guys are unbelievable
    A. What? I told you that I am not caring to talk about this
    J. I told you this wasn't going to work.
    I. You know what makes me sad? You and I had something so beautiful
    A. We can still have that... Let IT go..
    I. It is not about letting it go..it is about talking about it and seeing where we went wrong.
    A. The only way to end it is for me to say "You are right and I am not going to say that"
    I. That is not the way it is going to be fixed.
    A. Then tell me how to ..because I am not seeing it.
    I. That is why I am asking you that the things that I heard were the things that you said.
    A. Okay
    M. So you are willing to change your opinion on what you heard.?
    A. No, she wants me to agree with what she heard.
    I. No, it is not that I want you to agree with it. It is just I wanna know that I am not sitting here making up "crap" on my own
    A. Hang on ..the place our stories crossed yesterday..That you said that I said "I wish you would go up on the block."
    I. I didn't say that
    A. Okay

    Stay tuned.....

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    and the saga continues.....

    I. I said that you said ..You thought it was best for me to go up because he was going to rally up against you and that you didn't feel like hearing that Mofo talk crap about you all week
    A. and I said....Ivette, intially I thought it would be best if you went up on the block but I am going up on the block so be prepared that Mofo is going to be sitting here saying things about me and that I want you to be forewarned that yall will have my back.
    A. That is when you said "Are you freaking doubting that us 4 people aren't going to vote for you"...and I said " What the bleep are you talking about?"
    I. No
    A. See..it doesn't matter...You're right..I am sorry (can we say Sarcastic)
    I. Did you not say that you didn't want to listen to him all week.?
    B.& M Of course..that has been decided..you guys are not hearing each other.
    A. Of course..It doesn't freaking matter..just because I didn't want to listen to him doesn't mean I didn't want to be on there.
    I. This is like the second time this has happened...it is bothering me..just like you told me that I was the only one that wanted to vote for James.
    M. Did I say that we are not allowed to disagree on stuff. Not like a disagreement is going to break us up.
    B. Tell me about it..
    I. I will keep the 5 of us in the house ..It is said and done.
    B. Yeah..but are we going to be looking at each other like mean people? or like be able to have fun together again?
    I. It is not fair for you to get the cheap end of the stick...just because things are not going correctly
    M. What happened to us?
    J. We are not reading each others minds anymore
    B. Can we drop everything that has happened ?
    M. I am saying Yes..I can drop everything that has happened between you guys...
    J. Ha Ha Ha
    M. But if that is not the case..lets look forward.
    J. The problem is that when people fight they calm down and resolve it...they fought like 5 times yesterday..trying to talk about it tonight and it is not getting resolved..It is not ever going to be resolved.
    M. Sighs
    A. I am admitting that things can interepted different ways..I am not admitting I am 100% right..I am not admitting I am 100% wrong.
    M. Can you both agree you are both 50% wrong?
    M. Do they make people more stubborn that you?

    Talking about how they have changed alot ..not being specific..more defensive

    A. One thing that bothers I think everyone that you admit..that you are not always going to admit what James says. That right there puts kinda a question mark...ahhhh
    I. I dont' think there is anything I haven't told you guys
    A. Well I mean I don't know
    J. I know one instance that you said I haven't told you everything James has said.
    I. Probably because Howie was there.
    M. Nope it was just us.
    I. Well I am sorry I didn't mean for it to come out like that. I wouldn't do that.
    fast forwarding...

    I. I know I can admit to everything I have said and still
    A. What you are wanting me to do is admit to what you are saying is exactly right....I am not going to do that...

    fast forwarding..
    Sara comes in ..they run her out of the goldroom. 40 minutes into the conversations.

    M. This is what needs to be agreed on..Are we still focusing on the good of the group?
    J. It is like sisters fighting..what are you going to do..Divorce each other...
    M. This might be freaking fool, but I don't have anymore alliances but this group. I believe in the 5 of us and that is the reason I haven't been asking people to take me to the end. But I should know if there is anyone else in this group that doesn't believe in us 5.
    Everyone agrees....
    I. That is what pisses me off...I am always having to work much harder to prove myself. It is really annoying...
    A. Why do you keep looking at me? Is it just me?
    B. No No it is not you..
    A. Then why does she keep looking at me? What the Bleep?
    B. It is just because we are all together.

    fast forwarding.....Rachel come in...57 minutes into the conversations
    M. They are getting nervous.

    I. To be honest and this is the truth..I don't want to bump heads with you anymore. So in order not to do that ..I think it is best that I respect you and you being in this group but I am not sure and I am sorry that I am like this..I am not sure I am ready to be over it...I am very hurt by it....I am very upset by it..I just want you know that within this group and everyone knows it..I respect you as a player. I will respect the promise I made to you. I will not vote you out no matter what you are doing up there ..no matter what it might be..no matter if the house turns against you but I am very hurt by situations that you and I have had and it is very hard for me to get over them now...

    M. That was beautifully said..
    B. That was perfect...
    I. I am going to go to the DR
    A. No I am going to forgive and forget.

    Fast forwarding..talking about Jennifer and Micheal..rehashing old stuff..
    Jen saying that even though you (Ivette)thought that you were defending me..everyone in this house thinks Jen was saying that stuff.
    Ivette says no she was defending all the women in this house..even with Kaysar wasn't caring about the women's feelings.

    A. I would prrfer that if you want to talk about me or telling anyone that you don't like me..whatever it might be..Let it be within this group..Don't tell James..
    I. I am going to excuse myself from this..I think I have proven the person I am...

    The END..........

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