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Thread: 8/7 - Live Feed Transcripts

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    Part of a convo I caught between Sarah and James, in the Gold Room:

    Sarah: Do we have to give up so easily?

    James: We don't have to give up, but there's no way for you to stay.

    Sarah: That doesn't mean we can't try to swing the votes.

    James: Sarah, it's not gonna happen. You saw the conversation with Howie. Last night.

    Sarah: I'm not talking about Howie.

    Yes, it's so short I even questioned posting it (I had it on quad cam when I caught that stuff, and by the time I moved in on a single camera, they had stopped talking), but at least this makes it pretty clear that James has no plans on making an effort on Sarah's behalf...
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    April was crying inside and Ivette started insulting her for being stressed out -- Jennifer filled her in on the comments, and they went to the backyard to discuss it more.

    Jenn: She [Ivette] said in her pissy, Latin voice: Just go ahead and put me up as a pawn, Rach--er, god I want to call you Rachel..
    April: That's fine., she does it all the time.
    Jenn: April... I know that I shouldn't. Thoguh it kind of helped us when we were pretending not to know each other. But she was like, April's freaking out about it. And she said April's freaked out about it more than once. And then she said just go ahead, put me up as a pawn when, like, she's stressing out about it, just go ahead because she's stressing out about it right now, I don't care because I'm not sterssed.
    April: What'd she say?
    Jenn: God. I can't remember. She was just basically saying why there's no reason to be stressed out, there's no reason anyway, that you were was in the DR venting about it, then Howie starting asking stupid questions about "What doyou mean she's venting about it? You all can go in there and fight together about it where no one can see you." You know Howie, he's all confused. Then... that was it. So when I saw you in the shower I could tell you were crying. She was in the bathroom so I couldn't say anything so when we went in the kitchen and you walked through to the kitchen, I said, "Maggie!". At first she didn't know where it was coming from. I go, "April's crying."
    April: Do you think Maggie sees how she really is?
    Jenn: I just think I don't think it bothers Maggie. I think it rolls off Maggie's back more than it does mine. I think I'm bothered by it inside, but I let it roll off my back so I don't show it-- But I think that it doesn't bother Maggie inside or outside. That's just her personality. But I told her you were crying and that's why she went to the bedroom.
    (April says that she was crying and went to the DR about cigarettes, that's why she was crying, not what Ivette thought)
    April: I didn't even bring up --- once.
    Jenn: Whether or not you are crying about cigarettes or not, if y'all are talking about a cerain subject and you start crying, that's what she's going to think.
    April: When you assume, you make an ass out of yourself.
    Jenn: Everyone in this house assumes.
    April: All she did by going and saying that in front of everyone is... is...
    Jenn: What I told you last night, don't even talk about it any more.
    April: I know, I wasn't. We were talking in the room, and she was, I don't even know how it got brought up to be honest with you, this coming up week James is gonna piss me off because he's gonna be talking shit about me, I never said I was scared, and she said...
    Jenn: That's another thing Howie said, it's just another place to sit, and I'm like, no it's not. Like, whether it's on the couch or chair.
    (Janelle comes out)
    April: Hey, FYI, the reason I was crying is because of the cigarettes.
    (Goes on to talk about how she was a smoker for 8-10 years, and they discuss her nicotine addiction).

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    11:55pm. Janelle and Howie are in the backyard. Ivette's just gone inside to talk to Rachel.

    Janelle: She [Ivette] wants you to hook up with Rachel so that there's no chance of me and Michael hooking and BB, so Eric can come back.
    Howie: Really? You already hooked up with Michael.
    Janelle: I know.
    Howie: Banged him?
    Janelle: Shut up Howie, no.
    Howie: Just kissed?
    Janelle: Yeah, a lot of kissing. Ivette wants you to hook up with Rachel?
    Howie: Yeah, she wants me to bang her. Rachel said she might bang me when we get out of the house, she doesn't want to on TV.
    Janelle: Really?
    Howie: When I go out to colorado, I get to test drive the car, she said.
    Janelle: Really? Oh boy.
    Howie: Oh boy. I'll give it a shot, nice little boobies.
    Janelle: But you don't want to hook up in here?
    Howie: I do!
    Janelle: But she doesn't?
    Howie: Not on tv.
    Howie: Hard enough to hook up with her in real life, it's not gonna happen on tv. Not with the viewers watching. Not with the cameras watching. No chance, just won't do it.
    Janelle: Mmm. In their interview, were they asking you if you liked her like that?
    Howie: Yeah. They said 'Howie, do you guys know each other, are you guys friends?' I was honest, I tried to set her up with my friend years ago, her friend roomed with my buddy, we became friends. I made out with her one time on New Year's, I was shoving my tongue down her throat. I slept in bed with her a couple years ago, gave her massages kinda like with you, but no action. Never got any action off her. She's not slutty, she's a good girl. She doesn't just have casual sex and hook up. So I mean, you got to date her if you want to get the goods, which i respect girls that do that, it's cool. There's a lot of whores out there, they just bang away, and they wonder why they can't get a guy to commit to them. So I mean, no, she won't do anthing on televsion.
    Janelle: Do you like her?
    Howie: I like her, i think she's pretty. She's a friend of mine--
    Janelle: But do you like-her, like-her?
    Howie: I mean, I'm not in love with her, like you are with Michael.
    Janelle: But do you want to be in love with her?
    Howie: If I have to think about that or make it happen, it's not a chemistry thing that's just set and ready to go -- I mean, I'd bang her, sure. i don't like older women like that --
    Janelle: She's not old!
    Howie: For her age, she looks awesome. She looks awesome. she's beautiful. but I mean, I don't know, she has a different personality than me, but she has similar interests -- [Ivette comes out to the backyard] What is that?

    "Someone's boring me. I think it's me." ~Dylan Thomas

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    This is my first transcript. This was before Lightfoot's backyard conversation tonight..

    Howie and Janelle in the backyard earlier...started recording in the middle of the conversation

    J. Because if James thinks you don't believe him, he is just going to come after you.
    H. Right
    J. I mean, No, I don't believe him but I think it is in our best interest to stay on his good side at least somehow or pretend to..don't you think?
    H. The thing about it now is with Sara gone, obviously he knows he can't take the house on. That he is going to need people. I don't think he will be so untrustworthy because he doesn't to worry about Sara and her emotions. He can be trusted if he clears some ways and keeps us eventually, I mean maybe..who knows..weirder things have happened so far this season.
    J. I think it is in our best interest to stay on his good side because he is a huge competitor. You don't want to keep saying "you know, whatever". He thinks that we are so naive to believe that they talked us into this. That's good because he thinks that they totally brainwashed us and that Kaysar doesn't know anything about it because I told him Kaysar didn't believe it. He assumes that after Kaysar left and you won HOH that is when they went upstairs and told you all of that stuff.
    H. It is a bleeped up game Janie.
    J. I know but he could win HOH next week
    H. I think it is going to be physical or endurance.
    J. Yeah, it is .
    J. Even if Cappy does come back, we are still screwed.
    H. No
    J. Cappy will wanna take James out, but then how will we take Cappy out.
    H. You can beat him in any event any day of the week.
    J. Howie, That is not true, he beat us in a HOH competition.
    H. He beat you by one question.
    J. We won't even have enough people to take him out if James is gone. We don't have enough votes to take him out. Do you understand that?
    H. You don't understand, if we put him up and another one of his players up. It draws that attention because they are voting for Cappy and not me they get all pissed off and it destroys them as much as you don't think so they can be destroyed again.
    J. All of these people are willing to sacrifice for him.
    H. No their not..
    J. Yeah , they are.
    H. No they are not. Then why right now, you missed it but I was out here. Ivette and April almost got in a fist fight any yelling at each other.
    J. Why
    H. Because April wanted to be a pawn, now she doesn't wanna because she is all nervous and Ivette said " I'll do it" Then April started freaking.." Well that is not the reason, I just didn't want James to be talking ~crap~ all day and all week.
    H. They got in a fight over something harmless...that they are going to go up and we are going to vote Sarah off and their freaking out. Imagine when they get real pressure and they are really going up against somebody. They will be destroyed, Janie...I am serious...They will get ripped apart at the seams but that can only happen if we can continue to win some events and when I say that I mean HOH's if we do that we can win this whole thing.
    J. The problem is..say James is gone..and Cappy is still here say we win HOH..that leaves 2 votes to get him out. He has 3 to keep him in.
    H. It doesn't matter. He goes up with someone else and someone else gets screwed. It tears him up.

    ~skipping ahead a few minutes~

    J. The thing is they are so dumb that they would actually vote to keep him in. That is what I am saying.
    H. Fine..Eventually someone is going to get it.. We gotta win. That is the bottom line is that we have to keep winning. I believe I am stronger than anyone on that team and you are. And that is why it scares the living piss out of me cause of James...Yeah...he is against the house but look who he is going up against. Then again he hasn't won a HOH. You are up there every week. I think this is your week. I would like for you to do it..That would be great.
    J. I hope so
    H. You or Rachel..that would be huge.

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